Since space is a vaccum, if you go into space without clothes, will you be pulled apart? Whan you are, will your blood be blue? No questions please. Thx

Answer #1

Blood is always red, but without oxygen it’s just a darker red. Blood being blue is a myth.

As for getting pulled apart, well, no - I doubt that would happen, but there certainly would be pressure problems and you’d be dead within about 2 minutes - mainly from lack of oxygen.

Answer #2

I think whatever happens, your blood will stay red. No point of becomming blue. So I think its a myth

Answer #3


“You do not explode and your blood does not boil because of the containing effect of your skin and circulatory system. You do not instantly freeze because, although the space environment is typically very cold, heat does not transfer away from a body quickly. Loss of consciousness occurs only after the body has depleted the supply of oxygen in the blood. If your skin is exposed to direct sunlight without any protection from its intense ultraviolet radiation, you can get a very bad sunburn.”

They have a whole page discussing this here:

Why would it be blue? At most, it would tend toward a little on the purple side as the hemoglobin lost some of its oxygen, but it would never be blue.

Answer #4

your blood wont be blue but darker red like you have a higher iron content (I realise you wouldnt) as for the vacum this is a predicted thing and it has not actly been tested therefore there is no definitive proof that there is a vacum in space for all we know when you go into space nothing will happen tot he human body but as there is no oxygen and no gravity it is a nationaly recognised theory and in all honestly is prabley the correct one

Answer #5

yes you will be pulled apart and yes your blood will be blue

Answer #6

im pretty sure blue blood isnt a myth…but you wont be pulled apart, no.

Answer #7

im pretty sure blue blood isnt a myth…but you wont be pulled apart, no.

Answer #8

I’m pretty positive your blood wouldn’t be blue…

Answer #9

… wow um… I ..think …so?

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