Why do look different in the face?

We all have a nose,eyes,ears, and a mouth but our face still looks different from others.

Answer #1

Because our noses, eyes, ears, bone structures, mouths, eyebrows etc all look different? It’s like saying all houses have roofs, floors, windows and doors so why look different. Because they’re built differently.

Answer #2

Its our underlying bone structure. Men have a more prominent chin and forehead, while women have delicate features. Different people from different cultures and descents have different bone formations too, allowing us to identify asian and european skeletons. It also has a lot to do with cosmetics. If we all wore no make up and had black hair, we would start to look similar. But with all of the different things we can do these days, we can look completely original. Even twins can make themselves look like friends these days. Its just hair colour and style, and makeup and clothes.

Answer #3

some people have differnt skin tones and their hair is differrnt colors stuff like that

Answer #4

Because we don’t all come from the same people. We have different traits and genetics. We also have different face structures.

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