How is the chemical ammonia used?

How is the chemical ammonia used in floor wax? Like how does it help it?

Thanks, Teddymboy

Answer #1

Mostly as a cleaning fluid but if ya mix it with something it can be used to make a deadly gas.

Answer #2

Ammonia gives a surface a relatively streak-free shine. Aids in removing grease and dirt from surfaces (loosens it). Boosts the cleaning power in grease cutters, wax strippers, etc.

Answer #3

I don’t know if it is in floor wax, its a cleaner I know that much, maybe it gives the floor wax that clear, shiny look when you apply it to floors. I don’t know im sry.

Answer #4

lol how do you know it makes deadly gas? you try it b 4?

Answer #5

Cleaning mainly.

Answer #6

ammonia can be used to remove floor wax…

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