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Adult breastfeeding pic

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how do I get my ringtones and pics to phone// I dont knkw what my c

how you receive ringtones and pics to my cell /// I tried all I know... thanks

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samsung Messenger wont send pics

I cant get my phone to send pics. it used to but wont now. it goes online fine . I just cant send pics to another phone.


how do i put up a new pic? important! please answer!

hi how do i put up a new picture?theres no uplode what happen help!


How to decorate pics?

Iwnat to knoee how to makee the pictures look pretty.who can help me decorate a picture.would yall acctually help.


how do i send pics to another computer?

ok so i have 2 computers a regular one and a laptop and on my reg. comp i have a folder that has all my pics in there and i was wondering is there anyway that i can send those pics that are in that folder to my laptop

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How to save pics on phone?

Im getting a new phone this week and I want all of my pictures and ringtones on my new phone but the one I have now is old and does not have a memory card.what can I do to save my pics?


How to make a photo look like drawing pic ?

How to make a photo look like drawing pic ? There is a computer sofware but I just dont know its name ? any help would be great!!!


How can I upload pics on the IPod Touch?

I don't have the slightest clue.
I hear you can do it from ITunes but I dont see how.
Can anyone help me out please?

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How do I save my pics as a different format?

Like .gif .jpn. I tried, but it seems to not work for me. Thanks for helping. -Nikki S.


What are, are pic texts free to send?

I was wondering if picture texts are free to send if you have unlimited texts. I thought they cost like, 15 cents a pic text but just wanna make sure.


How to upload a pic to FunAdvice from my mobile phone?

h0w d0 I upl0ad a pic using my m0bile ph0ne? using opera mini to see the site.


Download pics off phone!

I have a verizon voyager and I can't figure out how to download my pictures off of it, I have the usb and cd uploaded and everything, and nothing is happening!


How can I upload a pic from my ipod?

Is there a way I could upload one from my iPod to here? When I try there's like nothing to press when I wanna click browse..

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How do you send pics from your cell to the computer?

How do I send a picture from my cricket cell phone to my e-mail or myspace?
If you know , then please tell me


What is a program to dwnload to take pics on my webcam w/ effects ?

Is there a program that I can download for free so I can take pictures on my webcam with effects?
Much love,


Saving pic using my Microsoft Lifecam as a .swf?

I have a microsoft lifecam vx-3000, I would like to use it to take pictures and save them as swf file. Can this be done, if so what are the steps to doing so?


NOKIA 6300, how to put pics on computer?

Just got this phone today, does anyone know how to put my pics music etc onto my computer it didn't come with a usb cable


Computer pic to cell phone

Using fun mail, am I able to upload a picture from my computer and mail it to my phone??

Im trying to find a way to send pictures from my pc to my cell phone.


I saved a pic to my comp and now I cant find it

I saved a pic to my comp that someoen sent it was kinda inappropriate and now I cant find it ! what if my mom sees it ?!?! where do I look for it so I could delete it ?!?!? D= help asapp pleassse

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small letters and pics

I was on the computer one day and my son ran up and started hitting the keyboard and all of a sudden the letters or words and pictures were all really small. How do I make them bigger again?


What is a site to get free ringtones threw pic. Mes. For t-mobile?

Please help. My phone needs and dont give me bogus sites

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Why won't my computer let me delete these gross pics?

A friend sent me a pic of his d!ck and it won't go away and I asked him how to get it to go away buthe said that I should keep it so that I can remember him
How do I make it go away?

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Help me make this pic bigger.

Hahaha one day it was big the next day... this. How do I make it bigger? If you can't view the pic... uhhh... the erm.. it's small like this. l_l <-- about that size maybe a lil bigger.


How do people edit there pics?

How do people edit there pics?
Like they put stars ndd words
Ndd also cut there body out ndd put a different background
Ndd how do you take scenic pikz
Im not emo or anything
I just love scenic hair ndd how they takee pikz :)


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