How to get a sim card into an iphone?

I'm getting an iphone (yay!!) but according to my mom they don't have sim cards. To make life easier I want to put my sim card into there. It's iphone 3 btw

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I have an iPhone and it does not have a sim card. It already has 32G of memory

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you don't

sim card says limited service

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Apparently, some people are getting confused between flash memory storage and SIM cards. Every phone has a SIM card, it's how you are able to access your phone carrier's plan.

The iPhone does NOT have a memory expansion slot (no mSD, xD, etc.). The SIM card can be removed by using a paper clip (or the tool it comes with) and poking the SIM door to eject the card.

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It simple, there is instruction:

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Thanks!! And let's say the phone breaks and I need to put the iPhones sim card back to my old phone (blackberry) would it work?

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I thought Version phones (in general) didn't have SIM cards? Or at least not one the consumer can access.

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You are correct, Torturdchaos. Verizon phones have the SIM card embedded into the devices so all you can do is remove the identity of the card, but the plan can only be used on Verizon.

About the transfer of phones, it is dependent on the carrier. I have an older phone that I transferred a SIM card to when my mom's phone died in water. AT&T seems to allow connection as long as the SIM is active.

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If the iPhone doesn't have a SIM card slot., Then it must be CDMA network locked device. You cannot use any GSM network with it. If you want to use a GSM network on iPhone, Get a GSM network locked iPhone, Unlock it and use it with your own SIM card. You can unlock an iPhone safer and easier using remote unlocking service. The remote unlocking service for an iPhone can be obtained from at affordable cost with easy unlocking guide.

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