Why does internet explorer keep popping up?

I've updated my anti virus software and everything, but internet explorer keeps pooping up these ads like it has a virus on it and I don't know what to do. Please, if anyone knows what to do, let me know. Thank you so much!

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I have anti virus too. Everyone gets those ads, but anti virus keeps them from being harmful. Love you, boo boo<3

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I fixed it(: It was this mp3 thing I had downloaded on here to get free music. So its all goooooood now(:

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It pops up on my computer from time to time, I have not found a way to stop it. lol

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Try running spy bot search and destroy or Ad-ware for free see if they pick anything up. Also go into your extensions and install Adblock that works well.

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Oh, didn't see you fixed it

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Free and powerful and one of the best programs to clean up those problems is Malwarebytes. Even if you think now that your computer is running fine it may not be. The malware or virus could still be working in the background slowing things down and using resources. Click on the free download link and install, then run the quick scan to see what it finds. When you have time, also run the full scan, it takes like 40 minutes but it searches everything on your computer for malware and adware. Once it finds it, you will still need to check the boxes and remove them. Here is the link.

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