What type of phones are made for blind people?

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im not sure but u could try asking Natalie100 shes pretty smart and i think she will have the answer.

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One of my favourite TV shows has a blind girl on it and I think her phone has brail (sp?) and she talks to it. You should ask Natalie.

Has anyone heard or seen the braille plus for the blind?

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Blind people phones...

Type blinker
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Come on guys.. I've been searching for this. I need the names of
the phones, not people.

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Maybe a talk phone?

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Any suggestions on what to do about my phone?

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I found a bunch of programs the visually impaired can install into their phones to make their phones accessible through audio and voice. http://funadvice.com/r/167b9h5qa7i As well, the visually impaired can contact the American Foundation for the Blind to find phones that meet their needs. http://funadvice.com/r/167b9h5qbml Apparently there are phones with braille keyboards as well though I could not find a model.

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Thank's J'!

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iPhone 4s
1. Siri.... Which can text call add calendar stuff... the list is endless.
2. Voice over... will read anything and everything for you with an understandable voice. You can use it to do everything and iPhone can do, except playing games which I can't really see a blind person doing.

Type Art
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A "specialized" phone made for blind people(if they exist) would probably cost thousands of dollars.

Free people search
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Would technology improve for the blind?
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The Stevie Jobs phone :P

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