Which is better - Bing or Google?

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Answer #2

Google! ;o

Answer #3

Bing is a more narrow search related to what your looking for or less “cluttered” you might say. Although google is very thorough, there are alot of links that you don’t really need sometimes. I use Bing quite often for this reason.

Answer #4

Goggle forsureeeee

Answer #5

Google… King Pumpkin stole the words “by a country mile” straight from my mouth.

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There was a blind test done by Bing and it won, comparatively to Google. You can partake in it still, all you need to do is visit Bing and there will be a pop-up on the page or you can go to bingiton.com

I tried out Bing and it’s definitely more spot on that Google can be at times.

Answer #10

I prefer Google in searches

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Answer #12

google..its is quite obvious…

Answer #13

If you want more precision with Google, you can just place certain key words in quotation marks and that will automatically refine the search :D. You undoubtedly already knew that, but I must defend Google at all costs!

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