Which is better - ipod touch 4g or 5g and why?

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well there really is not much of a difference between the two since they are basically the same model, its like the Iphone 4 and 4s (the Ipods have the same internal make up 4g = iphone 4 5G= 4S) so the processing power is the same as each Iphone counterpart and so is the IOS and technically everything else, the only real difference is the price as both do the exact same thing.... the 6G will probably be out soon enough so hang tight if you want the latest model

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Depends, if you're gonna use it mainly go music, then I spose the difference is nothing, but the new one is supposed to have better camera, a faster processor so it's better for games and surfing the web, and a higher screen resolution, but on a small screen I'm not sure it will look that much better.

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do u know what is the price for 4...5..and 6?

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oh i see now the 5G was released a few days ago, the specifications are EXACTLY like the Iphone 4S, if you dont have a 4S buy that, you get a cellphone for free :P
oh and another difference between 4g and 5g is that 5g has 512mb of RAM instead of 256 (basically they are ripping people off for a 4S without communication)

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what do u mean ripping ppl off without communication? with the 4S get any phone i want?

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oh there is no 6 yet, but there will be with a bigger screen :D
checked some best buy prices, 5g 32gb model is 300 dollars, the 4G with 32GB is 250 dollars....
the 8GB is cheaper at 180 dollars....
wait a month or two and the price for the 4G will have dropped another 50 bucks or so

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I meant the IPOD 5G is an IPHONE 4S without the phone :)

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im not sure but if i had to guess 4g cuz i have a friend who has 4g and he says that 5g just keeps the loading sign.

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ohhh LOL thanks 4 the info:)

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