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Why are my reports saving as .html files?

Hi there!

I am running Vista (32-bit) Ultimate on Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz with 1GB DDR2 RAM, and Nvidia 256MB 8600GT Graphics, and my problem is this:
Any reports that want to view, especially from MS Money 2005 and Nokia PC Suite Synchronisation, keep ask...


What is wrong with my HTML code (I just started)?

Okay so last tiem i [posted this it didnt work! but this itme i hope it does basically the background code doesnt work

WOTLK Escapades Private Server ©

(i had to edit it but it has the <> stuff) body back...


How to get backgrounds on Myspace?

how do you get backgrounds what is a HTML coding or CSS?


What does <3 mean?

I see this symbol fairly often and I haven't figured it out. What does <3 stand for or symbolize?
Thanks, and too all
Good Luck!!


colored codes

how do you get the symbols to be colored like these ones..J


Graphics on Myspace

How do you add a graphic as your myspace picture caption, when your only using the HTML on photobucket?


How to make my own website?

Is there a website where I can make my own website?

And is there any copyright issues about using pictures and music belonging to companys on your website?


Is there an alternative to Word Cloud software?

Is there an alternate version to the PHP/SQL word cloud software to be used ? Like for example in html?


Can I make a free anime webstie?

Can I make a free anime webstie? If so how? And can it be just .com or .net or .html not like or somthing like that

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How to get programming skills

please people tell me how to get some programming knowledge? i have some skills with HTML language and PASCAL. (in pascal, i know only few algorythms) so do u know how to improve my HTML knowledge? and i really want to learn C++. Do u know any useful ...


Musical Note

How do you get a musical note symbol on the computer - on a MAC not PC ( that way does not seem to work...thanks :-) )


Neon Text Generator?

Does anyone know of a really good Neon Text Generator I could use that gives the HTML Code??


What does CSS stand for, I know it's a computer acronym

I've read the term CSS a few times, what does that stand for? It's a computer acronym, something to do with HTML, right?


What does this (L) mean?

I have seen this symbol: (L) .around online quite a bit and I tried googling it but I have no idea what it means! Could anybody tell me? Thanks.


How do you type square roots?

Does anyone know how to type the square root symbol? like for example how to write aquare root of 4, but with the actual radical sign? im using microsoft word


Which is the best program and language for making websites?

Is it best to use PHP or HTML or another language to build a webstie? What is the best program to do this? Do I need to buy my own server and have it in my house and on for my site to show up to the World?


Idea for new website

Anybody got any ideas for a web2.0 application I could create. I've got a quite good knowledge of PHP, HTML and JavaScript so that isn't a problem, I just need an idea.


What is wrong with my computer/funny display

My computer does not sound like it is running but the light is display is black with a blue square shape of symbols...Can anyone help? I tried to reboot...I tried to unplug & replug in...


Ipod Video Wont Charge

I plugged it in to both my PC and my wall charger. All it does is the apple symbol blinks on and then spazzzes, and then the screen goes black again. It just repeats that while plugged in. I tired reseting it but its not effecting it.


How do i turn off the flash on this $10 camera?

I bought a $10 35mm film camera (its brand is Ginfax) to experiment. It only has 3 buttons; off, on and a symbol of a lightning bolt under a sun. I don't want to use flash but i don't know how to turn it off. I don't have the manual, all i got was this...


Whats wrong with my zune?

whats wrong with my Zune? It will turn on and then flash the word zune and the symbol and then turnoff and then when I plug it in it turns on loads and goes to a white screen and turns back off and turns back off and keeps repeating this process until ...


What's a good place for Myspace layouts?

Where are the best places to get MySpace layouts from? I mean REALLY good layouts with quality HTML, not the kind with huge, monstrous graphics where you have to scroll back and forth to actually see the content.

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How can I stop people from copying pictures from my website?

Im about to make a website for my artwork but I dont want people stealing my work by copy, paste.. how can I block people from takeing my artwork? Do I have to copyright all of my work because I think that would be really hard to do


Chinese writing Program

Does anyone know a program or software that I could install into my pc to be able to write chinese ?
I dont mean like a pen writing sort, I mean like if you type in the letters there would be multi- symbol to chose from
And it also has to be able to ...


Where can I learn javascript?

So my sister told me that I shuold start trying to learn I tried that and I get it and everything but she said that the real stuff...that makes websites cool and everything is does anyone know soem good websites that can teach you ja...


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