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how do i use my web cam?

i have an acer laptop the little ones... thats all i know but i got it used so i dont have the manual of how it shows u where everything is.

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good websites that play funny pranks on people

Does anyone know any good websites that play funny pranks on people like peter answers does?? I need to know because its fun playing jokes on my friends.


How do I send a picture from my phone

The fun advice robot said that I could send a piture from my camerphone and set it as my default. Did I miss understand or can I really do that?


Why does this keep happemimg?

So I really want to go to this fun site but every time I try to go it takes me to ask. Its a dress up site. please help


Picture editing sites?

Any good sites to edit pictures. Like adding fun borders, changing the color of the pic, cropping, ect, ect. Besides photobucket???


How to scan drawings into a mac computer?

I am so freaking frustrated! My printer is a HP photosmart ePRINT wireless thing that comes with a built in scanner. I don't know what to do since all it tells me to do when I push the button to scan into a PC is to scan it from a PC or consult a manua...


Computer pic to cell phone

Using fun mail, am I able to upload a picture from my computer and mail it to my phone??

Im trying to find a way to send pictures from my pc to my cell phone.


How can I turn the sound off of my camera?

Hey there!
I would really like to figure out how to turn the sound off on my Samsung S630 camera. I read through the manual but it didn't help much.

Thank you!


Cute or funny Text...

I want to send out a text to all my friends tomorrow for Halloween but I don't know what to write in it... I want it to be a funny or cute saying that tells all my friends to have a fun Halloween but I want it to be more exciting than just Happy Hallow...


GTA cheat

Is there a cheat in Grand thief auto San Andreas than unlocks all the cities? I don't feel like playing threw all the missions? Please help?


Lotus - adding my custom ringtones?

I have made my own ringtones but need to add them to my phone. How do I do this? Do they have to be in a specific format? If so, what? The details (or lack thereof) in the manual doesn't address this.


Repair corrupt Exchange Database


I am having exchange 2003 and I want a manual method or a tool through which I could repair my corrupt EDB and restore them to a PST format.



How do I ask my neighbor on Myspace to be my friend?

I found my neighbors myspace and I'm afraid to ask him to be my friend because he might laugh at me or make fun of me or maybe reject my friend request,what should I do please help!?


Where can I go to get effects for my webcam?

I just got a laptop with a webcam and I was wounderig where can I get effects and fun stuff for it. So if anybody can give me a website where I can download it, that would be really awesome:]


Sylvania touch screen?

Ok I just got a Sylvania 4GB touch screen ipod and the user manual says you can save lyrics on it and I have no clue how to do that. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance =)


Are there any sites where I can get my horoscope emailed to me?

Are there any websites where I can get a horoscope sent to me? I'm usually bored and tired in the morning, so I thought it would be nice to do something fun like that in the morning.


Connection Timeout.

Now quite a bit when I get on fun advice my computer does a connnection timeout and it says that I should contact a adminastrator on this website to extend the connection timeout length. Is it really this site or is it just my computer being stupid?


How to burn videos on to a DVD+R?

I want to put videos on a DVD but I don't know how to.
Can I get some advice on what software I can download to do this or steps I could take manually. Help is needed x3


What are some of the best apps that start with M on the iPhone 4S?

Does anyone know the best apps for iPhone 4S that begin with M? I heard their are aps related to magic tricks? Like for fun like a magician would do.


Myspace pictures

What site can you go to to deccorate your photos and enlarge um and just have fun with them? I had a name to a site but I lost it and I cant reminber what the name of the site was so give me some names of some sites to make your pictures awesome and to...

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How do I format my micro sd card in mylg viewty phone?

I have bought a micro sd card for my lg viewty mobile phone, my phone memory is full. I have put it in and to format it I need a code. I do not know the code as I dont have the manual.


How can I find cute stuff for my AIM profile?

Does anyone no where to get really good cute sayings for aim profiles and fun stuff to put in it like little hearts and stuff? please let me no thanks!

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How do I set the clock on my kenwood kdc-319 cd player?

I just got a different truck and it has a aftermarket Kenwood cd player in it but didnt have the manual with it. i have no idea how to set it. I've messed with the buttons and still can't figure it out.


Hp pavillion labtop?

I got a new labtop and for some reason, sometimes this thing pops up and full screen and it wont let me out sometimes of it, I think its called auto quickplay, how to stop or remove this?


Need some good screen name ideas

hey what are some good sn ideas? im fun I love the beach I have blue yea

oh and I love to have my music =P

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heart aim profile make custom rington lotu aim profile saying cool profile rhyme aim profile