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Is the opera web browser any good?

Is the opera web browser any good? Because google chrome is not working anymore


can see me the other person if he doesnt have a webcam or not.

what happen if I have a webcam and the other person doesnt have a webcam on their computer the other person can see me or not , any answer is welcome thank you.


Computer isn't working

My computer isn't working! I already know its not the screen. well, I mean, the computer turns on, but when I turn it on, it says no input, so we adjust the cord, it says active input, and starts flashing black and gray, then it goes back to no input. ...


Uninstall Internet explorer?

How do I uninstall Internet Explorer if it's not located in the Add or Remove programs?


How is someone freezing my chat room screen?

Someone has been freezing me in a chat room.. every time I go into the chat, they whisper something and my screen freezes.. the only way to get text back on the screen is refreshing the chat room.. How is this done ?


Why does my mac say no batteries available?

My mac has an ex over where how much battery it usually says & it says no batteries availible.
Did I screw it up againnn??


I need a signature 4 my phone...

I need a signature for my phone name is deandrea nickname name is dede or minniemouse
3.fav color purple,blue,yellow,red
just to add my fav animal whitetiger
you dont have to use those I just need one


How does a radio work (read below please)?

So, i have this phone with Radio antenna. i noticed that the radio gives better reception when i touch the antenna or move my hand near the antenna and also when i move the phone a certain direction. why does it do this?? this got me wondering abt how ...


favorite places missing from AOL, how can I recover them?

My computer crashed, and when I signed back on to aol, my favorite places were gone. I would like to know if I can recover them?


Unblocked music sites at school

What some sites that aren't blocked at school so that I can listen to music??


Why won't my MP3 player work?

Does anyone know what to do if you put music on your mp3 player...then go to put more songs on it. But then it dont work. We tried reseting it...deleting everything off of it.. but when we connect the USB port it says that all of the songs are already ...


Hacking law in Canada

My boyfriends ex called the police on him trying to say that he hacked her e-mail account and all this stuff, which he didn't do (because I'm with him pretty much all the time so I'd know). Anyways, so the police called him and he was like "No, I didn'...


How long to process a video to YouTube?

so I uploaded a video on youtube and its taken like 1 day and I thinks thats a little long... so how long should it take to process a video on youtube?


My iPod isn't showing up in iTunes...

It says that iTunes isn't working because something's not letting it communicate with the iPod. I've tried installing iTunes twice already, and nothing seems to be working.

Please help!


What types of stuff or places should I take pictures....?

I'm blank on ideas as of right now. What type of places or stuff should I take pictures of to benefit me and my photography skills?


Computer monitor burnt out

I think the light in my sister's computer monitor burnt out. The monitor is on, but it just looks black. However, the reason I think the light has just burnt out is because if I shine a flashlight on the monitor, I can see what the monitor is displayin...


how do you make those changein default pics

you no the ones that morph form one pic to another ?


Can someone please help me make a fun aim screen name for myself?

I have red hair and green eyes.
I am very tall (5' 11'').
I love everything about drama.
My favorite color is green.


How can I get my boyfriend's password?

HELP. I think my bf is cheating. I don't know how to get his password!!

48 views NSFW

What do happy faces really mean?

I really like when people send me emails with happy faces, i think that means that they like me if iam wrong tellme please thank you.


How to put the scroll bars in my a social site profile?

I want to figure out how to put the scroll bars in each different interest, like ex: music (scroll bar in that), movies (scrollbar in that too!) Like that, not a scroll bar for the whole profile that is on the side of the computer screen, but in the ac...


Lost my phone, but it's on silent. How can I find it?

ok I lost my phone,but before I lost it it was on silent.
is there a way to find where my phone it?


Difference between FIREFOX & IE 7

Hi friends, can you tell me the difference between firefox & Internet explorer 7. I have heard a lot about firefox but I m happy with IE 7. I have also installed a GOOGLE TOOLBAR for more convience for emergency search need. please help me.


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