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Line spacing in Word 07

How to single space documents in word 2007


How do I bring back my tab closing option?

When I'd click alt+f4 or close my window it would give me an option of whether I'd like to close all my tabs or just the one I'm currently on, but now it just closes the window completely. How do I get that option back?


How do I reboot my computer if HPA enabled?

My computer won't boot everytime I hit f9 it says No HPA Enabled Drive I have no disk it keeps asking for What can I do to save money ?


How to download pictures from a Motorola Razor?

how to download pictures from cell phone motorola razor v3


How to make a slideshow of pictures on Myspace?

How do you do that?

39 views NSFW

How do I get airg on my laptop instead of cell?

How do I get airg on my laptop instead of cell?


How can I find this WEP network key?

how do i find the wep key for "evan" wireless network so i can set up my ;aptop?


How do you make a heart on Myspace?

How could you make a heart on your myspace?


Why is my iPod freezing?

my ipod is acting really freaking weird. every time i try to use it it freezes and i hav no idea why. its rly irritating and i cant make it work. id call apple but theyre not gonna help much cuz every time i call them they tlk waaay too fast nd talk bo...


What is a good program for editing photos?

Does anyone know a good online program for editing photos for free? Or a place where I can download one for free? I want to edit some photos so they look really nice


I need help with my eee pc webcam?

I've got an eee pc netbook, but whenever I try to go on webcam on, or msn or yahoo or whatever, it says its disconnected, or not working. The webcam is built in. Will I have to install or configure something?im really not sure what to do. ...


What are some good AIM screen names??

I have blonde hair...
and im kinda slow... :]
haha and I LOVE smileys.

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How can I get rid of this icon on my bb?

Soo I don't know what I did but I think lots something with the browser well I don't know what I did but this icon came on my bb where you see the alerts like this small browser icon on the homescreen I don't know how to take it off I tried restarting...


how to upload photos on to my computer?

I want to learn how to upload photos on to my computer?

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Is impersonating someone online illegal?

Is impersonating someone online illegal?


new DLSR advice?

I'm looking to purchase a new DLSR camera and I was wondering what would be the best, cheapest way to go, without sacrificing quality?
I'm looking at an Olympus Evolt E-520,


Black out cell

Ok I drop my cell phone and the screen had went out and now my screen is black
But I can still call people on it
I need to know can I get it repaired or do I need to get ahole new cell phone


I-Pods or just Apple in general

Are Apple products really reliable? It really seems like after a year the product you bought from Apple starts to wear out and the performance from it isnt all that great anymore. There real nice designs but the performance of them are terrible. Does a...


Trouble with 'printscreen'

I own a hp pavilion 6500 laptop, im having trouble with 'printscreen' normally its ctrl + alt + print screen howevver on my laptop this is not working. Is there a different method used for this laptop?



Windows live.

I'm so sick of it lately. :|
It wont let me uninstall it, it won't pop up, it wont let me 'reinstall it' so it will pop up or anything. Just the other day it was working fine, then my internet got shut off and I get on the next day and it's not workin...


What are some websites like

Hi my two little girls have been looking for some games like so I went on here too ask. What are some games like

(p.s. They already know about and


How to make shapes use the keyboard?

How to make shapes use the keyboard?


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