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How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard?

How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard
someone told me you are supposed 2 hold down ctrl and then 3 then let go of the ctrl but I dn't see nthn. but 3's


How do I make different signs on my keyboard?

By bff and I want to know how to make a square and a peace sign and all that other stuff and I need and answer quick some 1 help


how can i fix my laptop keyboard?

My dog was resting his head on my laptop, and after I moved it, I went to type in Google. If I type for example 'a' it will give me 'aaaaaaa' same with anything else I type. How can I fix this?


Ever wonder why there isnt a Division sign on a keyboard

Hahha this is one to sure baffle somebodys mind!
LMAO but seriously, ever wonder why there isnt oneon there?


What is the best, and safest way to clean dust off a laptop's keyboard?

My laptop's keyboard is starting to collect dust, in between the keys.
I'm not sure how to go about cleaning it, because it's hard to get in between the keys, and I don't want to mess it up.


Why are keyboards designed the way they are?

I mean instead of being alphabetically ordered. I prefer this way of course but I find it odd that the people who invented the computers, keyboards and other hardware didn't make it alphabetically ordered.


Why won't my keyboard let me type in a question mark?

question mark. it goes like this: É. I dont have that keyboard think in the right bottom corner to switch it, so how do iÉ ugh!


How can I clean my keyboard if its sticky?

I accidently spilled some pepsi on my keyboard, and now its hard to type because about 5 of they keys stick when I try to type.
I already cleaned my whole keyboard once, and it didnt really help, those keys are still sticky.
What sould I do?!?


What are good samsung phones with qwerty keyboards?

That are good to text with, good interface, decent battery life, not more than £100? Oh and one that won't reflect the sunlight? etc... Any recommendations?


Where can I find a Toshiba Libretto 100ct keyboard in the UK?

I've been looking for ages for a replacement keyboard for a 1998 toshiba libretto keyboard. I've looked on so many sites and found a few but there in the USA. anybody got any suggestions of where I can find one?


Should I get a touchscreen phone or one with keyboard??? HELP

Im getting a new phone, and I'm trying to decide whether I should get one with all touch screen (no keyboard) or one with a keyboard. So I wanted to know is touch screen irritating or annoying for anybody? and which would you prefer?


Laptop Keyboard Problems

Every time I turn my laptop on a lot of the keys will not work. It isn't just certain keys but random ones each time including functions keys, numbers and letters. What can I do to stop this happening???


What are some other fun gadgets like the laser gun alarm clock?

Like this,
or this hundred dollar bill toilet paper
Or a hot dog toaster?


How to fix a computer keyboard letter?

I have a macbook and the letter "R" fell of the keyboard today, I have it right here but I try to put it back and it wont stay in place, I dont want to glue it in case it gets damage. any help?


What is causing tapping noises coming from under the keyboard?

Okay, so, I a couple months back heard Tapping noises coming from under my laptop. Right now its driving me insane and I wonder what is causing it. I tried research but didn't get really anywhere.


How do I clean my keyboard safely?

I was thinking just shoving it under the sink or something, but I dont know if that will cause problems. My keys keep sticking, I didn't think they actually did that, I thought sticky keys was an excuse to type poorly, but now I know it actually happen...


No keyboard scrolling?

Every time I push the Home and End on FunAdvice or on any website,it doesn't want to work,what is wrong with my PC o keyboard? To add on ever time I do push the test writer always shows up even where it's impossible to type,help me out.


how do you make hearts on the keyboard?!

not the ones like this...<3 . like the ones that look like actual hearts...all I no is that you have 2hold down the alt button and push somethin else...I just dont no what. lol. thanks. but when I try 2do it...IT WILL NEVER WORK. please help. lol. thx!


how do I reset my keyboard to US?

My keyboard on my laptop has UK as its default setting which is kind of annoying since the keyboard layout is US. I can go into the keyboard options and change it to US but it always reverts back to UK as it is the default. Its really irritating, espec...


Is there a Mac-style keyboard for pc's?

I HAVE to use a pc computer a lot now and I hate the keyboards that they come with. I'm really used to a Mac keyboard (thin, low-profile, spaced buttons, etc.,). Is there any like that for a pc that is a FULL keyboard with the number pad and everything...


What would be a good keyboard (made by Yamaha) for a 13 year old to have?

I was looking at this keyboard online and my dad had the book with the price and it was $4,000+ so yeah. There was no way I was getting that until, I was able to learn the keys, be able to actually play songs. So what are some affordable (budget $250 a...


What can I do I spilt water on my laptop keyboard?

Im so annoyed. I spilt water on the ;keyboard of my laptop and now when I type some letters pit comes up with other letters. can pit be fixed? as I really cant afford a new laptop and im distraught. I've tried using the hair dryer on it and that made i...


How can I fix my keyboard settings??

My keyboard is a laptop keyboard (using a laptop)

and everytime I push shift+2 I get: "

I want it to switch back to shift+2=@
But instead I get shift+2="

Also, if it helps, I will list my shift + numeric list and show you how it looks from 1...


How can I fix the malfunctioning keys on my keyboard?

I have a macbook, and while cleaning it I accidently must have gotten some cleaning solution down the keys. The capslock is backwards and when typing some letters they type other letters at the same time and it's really annoying. Some of my punctuation...


How do I clean a sticky laptop keyboard?

( I'm stuck temporarily using my son's laptop as we are having some internet problems at our new house and half the keys are horribly sticky. I have to push hard on them to get them to register. How do I get them to work properly? I assume it needs a g...


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