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Should I or shouldn't I?

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I just recently bought an old used laptop at a local donation-based thrift store, and to my surprise it works. Not great, but it works. It had no power cord with it but for 5 bucks it seemed worth the risk of my own power cord not fitting into it, which it did, and I found a fair amount of sensitive information. Some Social Security Numbers, a ton of names phone numbers and account passwords, and a credit card number or two. The majority of this is in a program called CardFile, and I only looked through it because I was blown away that there was that much information left on a donated computer. This gets even better; I noticed when I was cleaning up the outside of it that the serial number sticker has mostly rubbed away except for a few small lines of bar code and little bits of remaining numbers. I just now took my finger and rubbed it and some of the ink came off so I'm not sure if its from being on a lap or what. From what I can gather looking through the computer it was last used really in 2005, and it has a password protection on it but I just click cancel and can get to all this (real protected). Looking though some of the information saved, I found the names' of the previous owners' kids, and out of curiosity I looked around on facebook and found one of them. So, to get to the question, should I or should I not send a message to him asking about it?