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I can't send or receive text messages

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I've had a lg rumor touch from virgin mobile for about two years now. When I first got it everything was fine but recently incoming texts messages I wouldn't get until 20 mins after they were sent, or when I was sending a text it would say there was an error and I would have to turn it off then turn it back on to get it to work. I think turning it on and off too much makes it work because last night I was texting and I just all of a sudden stopped getting texts. At first I thought it was the person I was texting being slow but I tried sending a message and it wouldn't let me. I got my friend to send me a message last night an i still haven't got it. I turned the phone on and off again, I even pulled the battery out and put that back in but i still can receive or sen messages. I don't know of its my phone being stupid or if it's the whole virgin mobile system.