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How do I upload pictures to my computer?

I have a Fujitsu laptop, and there is already a card slot where you just put your card in. I put my card in and it makes a sound like "ba-doom"or something haha. Anyways, that's not the point. Nothing pops up like my other computer. Usually something w...


Touch screen phone

I just got a touch-screen lg vu from at&t and I absolutely love it. But does anyone know about any kind of problems these phones can have? Anything I need to look out for?


What can I do to make my computer game stop freezing?

Okay so I just bought the Sims 3 computer game. It works fine it's just that it's always freezing on me and it takes forever to load. How can I make it run faster?


Locked out of my computer

I did something very stupid about a week ago.
I use an administrative account on my computer and have for quite a while now.
On that one night about a week ago I had a friend stay over at my house.
I didn't want them to go through my files, so I create...


How do I get cool characters for my AIM profile?

Does anyone know how to get cool AIM characters in their profile?


peircing website?

Is there any website online you can upload a picture of yourself and put peircings on the picture to see what they'd look like on you ?


Why won't my ipod nano sync playlists?

My ipod no longer sync playlists from itunes. I have the second generation ipod nano and people always tell me to click restore or refresh but the thing is that is nowhere on the screen. All the songs fit into my ipod but it won't go in there. Everytim...


How do I use Windows Media Center?

All right sorry, this has nothing to do with a pony, but it's extremely hard to word questions. Someone asked 'Where can I get the windows media center' so there for it wouldn't let me ask how to use it because it was too similiar. Also it wouldn't let...


Why does my laptop say my cd drive is empty when it isn't?

Help! it can't detect the contents in my disc.


Iphone and verizon?

If you order the iphone online like on and get it by mail can you go to a verizon store and have them activate it under verizon? Just wondering.


How to turn my iMac camera back on?

my camera on my computer turned off.
I dont know how it turned off either.
I also dont know how to turn it back on.
my camera isnt a separate piece, its already in the monitor.
does anyone know how I can turn it back on?


Should I make a Myspace if my Mom disapproves?

um..ok so I want a myspace so I can talk to my friends adn ya I just want one..duh..but my mom doesnt want me to have one I guess..because she is all omg internet predetors on the internet..but she never really said I cant have I don't know..I ...

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Where is Microsoft headquarters located?

Where is Microsoft headquarters located?


Myspace advice, what's a cool display name?

Okay I want a really cool display name.
For "victoria"
I want one such as:


Is there any way to prove that my girlfriend is hacking my stuff?

I have a solid reason to believe my Ex-Girlfriend is still checking my E-mail and Myspace acounts even after I changed them. I have AOL and someone told me that you can view the exact physical address where your account was logged into, you can also v...


When pixels die in the computer monitor?

When pixels die in the computer monitor?


How do I check my multimedia messages from my cricket phone?

When I go on the website and I type in my mdn ans message id number it does nothing


What is that program called that takes a snapshot of your computer screen?

okay i know ive asked this before, but since i have to re-build my computer i have to ask again.
someone gave me a really good answer last time and i like fell in love with the program..


Photoshop layouts.?

how do you make layouts on photoshop... I am very confused on how to do this

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I can't log in to my Webkinz site

After months of playing just fine, I can't log in. I've uninstalled my the flash player and reinstalled it dozens of times, I've cleared the cache and history. Nothing is working. Other people have not problems so it's not on Webkinz end. When I tr...


my sound dsnt work on my computer why??

hey on my computer cnt here anything whn I chck it says that sound device is not avalable or something how cn I mk to work again the sound card??


can you install a webcam without the disk?

I've lost the disk for my logitech webcam and I need to install can I do that without the disk??

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How do I upload music to Bebo?

how do I upload my own music on to bebo

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