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Dialing *86 on cellphone?

ok so my sister keeps dialing *86 on her cell phone and it cost us 300 of our minutes. Does anyone know what *86 is? & what it does?


My laptop keeps crashing and I dont have a recovery disk.

My laptops keep crashing my main one is newish from 06, it came with no recovery disk. Then when I have it clear every thing off it so its like I got it out of the box, it dosen't run the program. I'm acully typing this through a wii. You guys know wha...


why won't my iPod sync my videos on to my computer?


Look here, this is the dealio! I just got that new iPod nano (its pretty sweet), I shot some videos when I was on vacation and I want to put them online. Nothing pops up, they won't save. I've checked iTunes. N-O-T-H-I-N-G helped. Nothing pops...


Cute nickname for a username?

I want your opinion one a cute nickname for a username?

471 views NSFW

Format micro sd card on a LG Xenon?

When I plug my Xenon in to my usb port to sync some mp3's onto the new micro sd card I bought, my phone says it's unable to use licenses, try again after formatting card. So how do you format a micro sd card on a Xenon?


Trouble with 'printscreen'

I own a hp pavilion 6500 laptop, im having trouble with 'printscreen' normally its ctrl + alt + print screen howevver on my laptop this is not working. Is there a different method used for this laptop?



Can I recover an unsaved file?

I was editing a picture on my computer, but then all of a sudden the program just shut down and I hadn't saved the picture yet. So can I recover the picture or is it gone for good?
Thanks [:


How to save pics on phone?

Im getting a new phone this week and I want all of my pictures and ringtones on my new phone but the one I have now is old and does not have a memory card.what can I do to save my pics?


Why can't I get on Myspace?

when I try it comes up with this...

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.
To attempt fixing net...


How do I change the color on my Microsoft Task Launcher?

I have it at a orange, I'll even upload a pic of the main screen to show you the program. I'm using a Window's XP for a computer (It's my husbands <3). At one point, I had it at a purple, but it went back to orange and I have searched online already on...


My msn im won't let me sign, what can I do to get on it?

Ok, well I don't think I've had this problem with my msn before but when I click on "sign in" it says it not able to put meonor something like that, then I go to troubleshoot and click the repair buttons and then it says error 80048820 has occured and ...


Sound problem. Pls help

I cudnt hear any sound on my computer suddenly. Then I just unplugged one wire connected at the back of cpu to one port and put it in front port . It started working. But even now, it stops by its own. I keep unplugging it but no use. Then I just turne...


free web accelerator?

I've having trouble with my web pages coming up extremely slow. Is there any free web accelerator that could solve that problem?


Multimedia message from my phone?

How do I check my messages?


Is there way to see if someone has read the message you sent?

Is their a way to see if people have not read the message you sent them on verizon phones?


What color music player do you like the best?

I like almost any color. Tell me what you prefer. Also, tell me what color you have if you have a music player. Please answer.


low cost website development

I am looking for a low cost website development company


how to remove mywebsearch toolbar?

I caught some sort of bug that says it is mywebsearchtoolbar and I want to know how to remove it? ? ! ? !? It is really messing up my computer. Anyone can help me?


Do I need to change the type of Microsoft word if I have Microsoft 2003 and my school has Microsoft 2007?

I have a few documents that I need to print and the file type is Microsoft 2003 and I'd like to print the documents at school but do I need to convert it to 2007 or will it open up in school anyway?


How do you get ringtones on the palm pixi?

I recently got the palm pixi from sprint and I tried to download some ringtones onto it from myxer but I dont think it actually saved to my phone because I cant find it anywhere in my phone. So, does anyone know how to get ringtones onto this phone?


Why did my desktop turn black?

For some reason my desktop turned black and it says that windows has spyware on it. What is spyware and how did it get on the computer? Did it just come on while I was here or do you have to download these things? My little brother was on the comput...


What is meant by software testing?

what you mean by software testing and what id the difference between manual testing and automated testing?


How do I view a multi-media message

How do I view a multi-media message


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