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Cranberry juice pas drug test method

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I need to pass drug test

I have a drug test in 2dayz and need to know what is the quickest way to detox ?if anyone got any good suggestions


How to pass a drug test in one night?

I took two hit off a little bowl last night. How could I pass a test today?


How can I pass a drug test for cocaine withouta detox kit ?

How can I pass a drug test for crack cocaine if I without a detox kit? I didnt smoke a lot and I dont smoke it often.


How do I pass a Urine Drug Test with no money and no time?

I have three hours to pass a urine drug test and no money. Its for meth. and I don't know anyone who will share they're pee. So what can I do?


How can I cleanse my system for a drug test in 24 hours?

Are there any home remedies I can use to past a drug test, just had a bong hit last weekend. Test is tomorrow.


I need to pass a drug test in a week

I smoked weed like 5 or 6 times I weight 150 pounds and I was nowing if I can pass a drug test in a week


How do you use powdered pectin and Gatorade to clean out the system for a drug test?

I have to pass a drug test I 20 hrs I have Gatorade and the powdered pecti
What should I do? Will it clean out opiates a
And roxi plus meth


smoked weed two weeks ago will I pass a urine drug test?

if I smoked weed two weeks ago and I never usually do and I took a urine drug test and I weigh 130 pounds and I 5'5 will I pass?


how can I pass a drug test in 2 weeks?

I have not smoked pot in 5 days.In 2 weeks I have a urine test.I drink plenty of water about a gallon a day.Will I be able to pass my drug test?


drug test is coming up I need help!

ok I have a drug test in a week and I smoked last weekend because im a dumbass...before that I didnt smoke for like 2 weeks...does anyone have any 5 3 and weigh 125...


Will I pass this drug test if I've smoked twice this month?

help me I quit smoking pot and I have less than a week to take a drug test for a better job and I have only smoked 2 times in the last month I am never ever smoking again help I really need some advice on my drug use, shit .


Passing a drug test

I have to take a drug test either today or tomorrow for a job. I need suggestions on how to pass it using home remedies. I am short on cash so therefore the detox kits are out of question. I heard drinking jello works. Is that true? I used to drink ble...


Pass a drug test

I have a little less then 2 weeks to take a drug test. Last time I failed, testing positive for THC, amphetamines, and cocaine. I dont know why I tested + for coke, I think it was in some Salvia but whatever.

Its been 2 weeks since I've smoked, and ...


How to store urine for a drug test?

I have thought about storing urine for a upcoming drug test because im going to smoke and im currently clean. I heard they test temperature of the urine but my parents drive ten miles to drop the sample off and just like water wouldnt the temperature ...


Will period blood affect drug test results?

I'm going to be taking a drug test in two days and the last time I smoked pot was about 2 weeks ago. I've been exercising and drinking tons of water. But I'm a girl and just started my period. The test I'll be taking is a urine test, so blood will b...


Do water and Red Bull clear out your system for a drug test?

are you serious about the drug test and drinkin the water and red bull cus im 15 and I just got caught wit weed at skool and im bout to get put on probation and they going to drug test me and I dont want to stop smokin and if I do what you said and I s...


I need to know about niacin!!! I have a drug test soon!

I know people say it does and does not work so I need the truth if I fail this test im going to be in a lot of trouble. Does niacin work and if so I need to know people keep saying either the flush free kind or the regular kind I here they work both bu...


Could you test positive for cocaine just by touching it?

I have a drug test soon I really need to know if by touching cocaine the test will come out positive


Will Klonopin show up as a Benzodiazepine on a drug test?

I am asking this seeing as klonopin is a benzodiazapine Derivative and someone told me it wouldn't test positive. my test is a 4 panel and has thc, cocaine, opiates,and benzo's on it. I have to take a test 40 hours fom the time that I ate 2 mg of klon...


Thc and drug screens

Is it possable to pass a drug screen fro ths 2 weeks after I smoke


Does Niacin show up in your system for a employment drug screening

Does Niacin show up in your system for a employment drug screening, and does Niacin work if I smoked on Saturday night and I gotta drop on Monday morning?!


Will 250mg niacin work for piss test? please answer

I have a Probation meeting in 2 days. I smoked weed about 6 days ago (not a lot only 1 gram). I've been taking 250mg niacin the past 4 days. 1 in the morning and 1 befor bed. I'm 120 pounds and 5'6" tall. I have had a ichy feeling and have gotten a li...


Does Niacin really work to clear drugs out of urine?

I heard from a bunch of people that niacin will clean your system out if you take a bunch of em the day before your U.A and drink a lot of water unfortunately some of these people never had a U.A before... SO I am asking all of you or anyone that can h...


Does niacin expire?

Does niacin expire


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