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If A Character in My Book Does Drugs...

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I'm writing this book where the main character has gotten into drugs. He's kind of screwing up his life and he hangs out with these other druggie people. (He's in high school by the way) Jordan (main character) is talking to the school counselor, Paige, about his problems. Since he doesn't want to talk much she told him to write a journal. What if he showed her the journal and she found out he was doing drugs, because he wrote about it? Would she call the police or talk to his parents? If it helps, his mom and dad are divorced, and his friend Ben, the main guy who does drugs, has a 'family history' of it. As in his parents were hippie-dippie in the 70's and his grandparents were true hippies of the 60's. They went to Woodstock. I'm just wondering how everyone would react? Would Jordan and his friends go to Juvie?