How long for niacin pills to get thc outof your system?

I have a drug test coming up soon to see if I've been smoking pot and so I bought detox pills (niacin) to get it out of my system and so I was just making sure that they work and I was told they get the THC out of your system in about 3-4 days, is that true?

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Well it really depends on the persons thats takeing the pill I've had many friends that popped like 20 pills one night and pissed clean the next day but I've also had a few that it didnt work for lol and as for me I love pot and I've never failed a drug test even if I smoked the day before and I never did anything to clean my body out except drink green tea and that 100% true !!!

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My best advise for you is:
don't smoke until after your test
drink a lot of water to flush out your syestem, go pee a lot
cranberry juice
certain vitamins like b12 and b6
also exersize will help swet it out
if you do all this you should be golden
p.s. they have tests now that can detect the flush kits

will slo niacin work to clean thc in a week

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listen to toxic's advice. include lemon ..

How long will it take for the niacin to clear out your system ?

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