What home remedies can I use to get rid of cocaine?

I have a urine drug test next wednesday and would like to know what home remedies I can do to get rid of cocaine in my system by then?

Answer #1

drink water till your pissin it out your ears…seriously it mighht help but I cant promise..

Answer #2

don’t do any drugs is a real great remedy!!!

Answer #3

You should really try to stop doing that. It’s no good for you… [[Take it from someone who knows. Addiction isn’t fun…]]

But uhmmm you should be fine with doing nothing tbh. Cocaine is supposed to be dectable in urine for about 1-3days only.

Just drink lots of water, it may flush it out of your system. And drink lots of water before your drug test, it should dilute anything that’s remaining to a point where it’ll be undetectable.

Good Luck! =]

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