How do i pass a urine drug test with no money and no time?

I have three hours to pass a urine drug test and no money. Its for meth. and I don't know anyone who will share they're pee. So what can I do?

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I think you can drink vinegar that should take it out of you system

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Nothing you can do. Enjoy facing the consequences of your actions.

what is a home remedie to take to pass a urine drug test?

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alcohol and vinegar

Home remedies for urine drug test passing
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Nothing will clean your system in such a short amount of time.
You're out of luck.

How does novacaine affect a urine drug test?

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the real quiestion is why would you do meth ?

Does Niacin help you pass a drug test?
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drinking straight vinegar will kill you
and I wouldn't recommend drinking alcohol before a drug test, I mean, seriously think of it
perhaps laxatives, but I don't know, perhaps look it up
Your basically screwed
I'ld have to agree with ifeelcrazy

Will water help me pass a urine drug test?

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