Is it wrong to love my Family more than my own life?!?!?!

I have only my uncle, aunt, cousin, grandpa and mom left..And irealized that they are more important to me then that wrong???!

Answer #1

They’re a part of your life, and no it’s not wrong unless you love them in a contradictory manner. e.g. they abuse you but you look past that and still love them.

Answer #2

No, I know I also love my family more then my life. I don’t think it’s wrong at all.

Answer #3

Im glad to hear that. People were starting to question me lol

Answer #4

thank god!!!!

Answer #5

It’s not wrong at all. I put my family and friend’s happiness and needs before my own… I would risk almost anything to keep them safe and happy. I don’t think it’s wrong.. but you still need to make sure and respect yourself, and know that your life is just as valuable as theirs.

Answer #6

Valued to me or others?

Answer #7

I dont like the word wrong. It implies that there is an absolute right and wrong way to do things. Here’s the thing. It’s great and all to love others more than yourself. Lots of parents feel that they value their kids lives over their own. And that may be true. But if you do not place an equal value on yourself, you are absolutely worthless to anyone else. Unless you care for yourself, love and value yourself, you will eventually not be able to function or care for others. You will be able to till a certain point. We can all give a certain amount. But unless we care for ourselves, we self destruct.

Answer #8

Not at all. There’s nothing wrong with love. Ha, they’re lucky, I don’t like my family at all. But I do love my friends more than my own life cos they are my family. To love someone with more than your own life is probably one of the most caring things you could feel :]

Answer #9

It is not wrong to love your family more than your own life. It is a reflection of a deep love for the members of your family. I assume that you by this you mean you would sacrifice your own life to preserve theirs. You should keep in mind that your own life is precious to them and they would feel extreme grief if you should lose your life.

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