Family Life Still Sucks...

Okay so after a very pointless argument with my parents they’re letting me borrow a vehicle so I can go to a show tonight at 9 in St. Catharines

I’m autistic and it doesn’t help that I feel like I’m being talked to like I’m a complete and udder idiot!

They said, “Your yelling at us and not being calm!”…and all I could do was calmly say “I wasn’t yelling I was talking normally and calmly to you guys”

Maybe I did ‘raise’ my voice…but I would know when I did…If I really did yell, my throat would be in pain by now but it isn’t…

I’ve had bad experience in St. Catharines because of their damn one way streets so that’s why they’re skeptical about me taking the vehicle…plus they think I’ll play with the GPS while I’m driving and not looking towards the road…

This drove me absolutely insane…do they think I have no freakin’ common sense?!?! For God’s Sake I’m 20 years old and in college…If I haven’t learned common sense by now, then there’s definitely something wrong with me…

And I know they’re looking out for my safety…I was completely calm with them, and I know perfectly well that it’s their vehicle and they get the say there…But I’m driving to a completely different area of St. Catharines…Nowhere even close to my last accident…

The one time I ask to go out and see a band (which I know these guys from our church band) and I pretty much get slammed…Kill me now…

Answer #1

ok what you have here is a bad theory of mind. This is peoples ideas about their own and others mental states. about feelings, perceptions, and thoughts and behavior that it may might predict. You say you are autistic, so your parents aren’t sure how to raise you while you are maturing. It’s all by the book for them. My brother is down syndrome and so was my Neighbors sons. My neighbors went by the book and the boys can’t even eat by them self. We raised my brother our own way and now he makes abstract jokes. It seems like your parents read the book and they do it in their own way while remembering what they read. So for you it’s a matter of being the bigger person, call a family meeting in your household. Prepare for it! Make it sound real good and talk about how you want to be treated. You want to show them that you can think for yourself and their worries should not be that big. Don’t try to be the boss they are still the parents. You may feel like it will turn to a yelling match, but that is why you need to prepare try to stay away from the “auguring” stuff. If they have said no sleepover’s and have stuck to that rule for a long time DON’T BRING IT UP. Good luck!

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