People just love messing with my family

Every time my mom gets so close to getting a new car,that person screws us over. How can I get her a car since people keep lying and messing with her like that?

Answer #1

HAH! You have no idea how often that happens! so many people keep screwing others over for their own benifits. the problem is that usually when someone does care the other one often doesn’t take the chance they have of not being screwed over and when others don’t care and aren’t that great people… they usually benifit. because so many people like being treated like crap. and that’s all there is to it.

I don’t know much about cars. all I can say is that you should save up enough money, maybe buy a new car, probably buy a car from a place that is actually public? I’m guessing you guys are buying cars from local strangers… my grandfather used to sell cars that way but not everyone can be so honest. you might wanna stop buying cars in that particular way if that’s the case. also keep in mind that even a friend can screw you over. don’t trust anyone at least not when it comes to buisness and money!

Answer #2

Take someone with you who knows about cars…they’ll ask the right questions, etc…and just the fact that they’re asking, lets the person who’s selling know, that they aren’t reeling in a sucker…and makes them more honest.


Answer #3

its prob because your mom is either looking in bad places or she needs to be more asertive (I know I spelled it wrong)

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