Family but No love?

Does anybody live with a mom who you feel truly doesn’t love you. I do it really socks she doesn’t seem to love me and she would do anything to break me down it sucks and all but im very fortune too have the rest of my family who supports me. I just would like to know if anybody else goes through this?

Answer #1

I feel that exact way I just do what im suppose to do and if she yells at me I ignore her becuase she doesn’t luv me so why should I waste my love on an old wrinkly human I cant trust

Answer #2

My father died when I was very young and my mother let me do whatever I wanted as long as I was out of the house. It wasnt till recently that we started talking, I guess some people just are not good parents. Not one day goes by that I dont thank God for looking out for me, I should be in jail.

Answer #3

yea.. I dont live with my dad and I dont know most of my family cept for my moms side. and my sister is really f*ed up and for 3 years my mom didnt even look at me. so I guess she didnt hate me…but she ignored me and acted like I wasnt even her child. and lol music didnt help at all

Answer #4

I know how you feel I have the same problem only its with my dad he always finds excuses 2 bring me down but I love him anyway

Answer #5

I have in the past and learned a lot when I sat down and had a talk with her without yelling. Does she know you feel this way and really does not love you?

Answer #6

Sometimes I sit on my roof with my I-pod listening to music that brings me even more down.:(I would feel like jumping off the roof.My dad is usually at work.My mom,I didnt get along with her.Days went by,TONS of yelling,slaps to my face,crying,nger and more self hatred.I kept on citting myself.But now I dont.I relized that my mom did love me.She just never showed it until I sat down and talked to her about everything.She then understood.We both cried.You just have to relize that life is really not as bad as you think it is.All you need to do is speak up.

Answer #7

I used to have the same exact problem with my mom. I felt that she didn’t love me since she only favors one of my sisters. I still feel that way toward her but, I don’t live with her anymore. Luckily, I live on my own which is freedom for me! If you have any problems with your mom, see if you could talk to someone other then your mom. It sounds like your family except your mom really love you. As friends say to me”Your mom loves you but, in a different way” Now, that made me feel better in a way, but, not a whole lot. So, I’ve been in your situation before and I know it sucks!

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