How can I enjoy my teenage life with a family that sucks?

Well, actually, my parents are really supporting in my education. But they have no sense of fun.. And there’s my aunt too whose ideas are totally out-of-date. When I’m going to have fun, she’d be like “where are you going? Why don’t you study?” and etc etc. And my parents are like “we’re helping you get the joy that would last for your whole life” yeah, they are really helping me in my education. But my life sucks. It has no fun. Today, my dad found out that I have a boyfriend.. And then he said “do you have that much free time? Huh?” and I m the one who’s wrong when I m arguing with them. And I have a cousin who’s really brilliant and smart and all. They always compare her to me and say that I’m not as good as she is. It sucks too. I’m miserable. It’s my boyfriend who keeps me happy… But my dad doesnt’ like me having a boyfriend.. My life totally sucks…pls help. What should I do to make my life more enjoyable?

Answer #1

Just be greatful that you have parents that are trying to look out for your best interest and well-being. Many parents don’t do that. Well, as far as school, you need to make the best of it since school isn’t all that fun. But, if you have your friends you can have free time. Life isn’t all fun and games. When I was a teenager, I wanted to have fun always! I was pretty much a slacker which my parents weren’t happy about that but, they tried to help me get through school. Your life does sound boring and hectec study, study, study. That doesn’t sound fun but, you have to do it if you want to be successful. That’s where your parents come in. They want you to get somewhere not sit around and be bored. Many children and teens around in other countries aren’t getting the education that we take for granted here in the U.S. It’s a blessing that your parents are there to help you succeed. As far as your dad not liking the fact you have a boyfriend, that just shows jealousy on his part. He’s probably afraid that you’ll do things that you shouldn’t do. Your dad is just going to have to deal with you having a boyfriend. I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as you two are mature and responsible. I’d say, have fun when you’re free from studying. When you do a couple of hours of studying, take a break and go off and have fun. Then, when you need to study again, study for another couple hours or maybe an hour would be better then you can have fun some more. Once you’re out of school during holidays, and the Summer, then that’s when you can have lots of free time to have fun. As you know, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. That’s when you can enjoy the time off. If you get excellent grades, maybe your parents and aunt will let you go out and about with yur boyfriend and friends. You only get one chance to have fun as a teenager then it’s college. Now, college isn’t all fun and games unless people want to make it that way. That’s allot of studying. Good luck, and don’t let your family put you down when it comes to freedom and hanging out. They aren’t perfect. In fact none of us are. Take care!!

Answer #2

Realize parents are not perfect and neither are you - sounds like they’re doing their best to look after your best interests, love you, and Care - many, many, many parents don’t - be Thankful !!

Answer #3

Sorry to push your buttons but there’s a lot of people dealing with worse things than you are. I can see that you have a boring life, study, study, study. That’s what school is for, and after-school also. In this situation the only time you can have fun is during school when you see your friends. So when you are in school, make the best of it.

Answer #4

hey you are old enough you should be able to choose what to do with your life and if they dont like it too bad just tell them to leave you alone and ifthey like your cousin so much tell them to adopt her and to leave you alone!…well dont do the last thing but try talking to them and try to tell them that its your life and not theirs

p.s: I think I know you are you in S.C.I.S…GO GRIFINS!!!

Answer #5

its a question that has been bothering me for 3 years, and sadly I havent found an answer…

Answer #6

yeah, it’s like I’m stuck in this cold, black, boring world..

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