How do you bring fun back into our life as a family or a couple?

How do you bring fun back into our life as a family, a couple or your own life, after going through a very long traumaic event.

Answer #1

Dear care14, This is a very tough question for anyone. Counselling is the first step of course…a good therapist is a must in a situation like this. There are a lot of issues when dealing with trauma in ones life especially a trauma that has lasted a long time. There is a wonderful saying by “Nike” JUST DO IT. That applies to a great many things and especially to getting back into life. You may not feel like doing anything fun or where there are people or doing something that would make you laugh but you start out by just doing it and eventually you will want to do it. This is a wonderful method therapists use…you get back up on the horse even though you’re freighted or feel guilty for having fun. You will eventually get over a lot these feelings with practice. Practice, practice and more practice along with counselling and you will definitely start seeing the love of life return. Sue…good luck

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