How do I introduce my love to my family?

My boyfriend and have known each other for 11 years, we dated in high school , I guess you can say high school sweethearts, Well we are now together after all this time, about 5 years now, We have grown with each other threw these years we know each other inside and out. We’ll we have ahd are ups and downs but we have come along way, Now we have taken are relationship alittle more serious, We live togther and everything. So, Now im close to my family so, like he is his, I have to find a way to introduce in to my family. Scarey alittle bit. See , he is a different race them me. I know they would love him if he was the same race but he aint, What do I do????????? I love this man and he is going to in my life. I want my family to like him……..

Answer #1

This man is important to you. Because you say that you are close to your family, I am assuming that they respect you to the degree that they know that you can make decisions for yourself. If this is not the case, introducing your guy may be tricky. Assuming that this is the case, explain the situation to your family beforehand. Make it clear how important he is to you, and that you hope that his race will not be an issue. If your family is very opposed to the idea of a mix raced couple, than they may need more time to get used to it. Frustrating, I know, but it’s very important not to argue with them. It will make things worse and you’ll gain a lot of credibility for keeping your head. They will come around eventually!! Best of luck!

Answer #2

If he’s a nice guy, no decent person is going to dislike him based on his skin. If your family has a problem with his skin color, tell them to stop being silly and racist.

Answer #3

I find it hard to see how your family wouldnt have already met him and known him after 5 years of dating.

Whether your family likes him or not, he is the person you want to be in your life. Introduce them and see how it goes.

If your family is truly supportive then they will be happy and support you. If there is any problems let your family know how much it means to you that they accept him in your life, and try to have a relationship with him.

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