Why do people want to believe in God?

why do people whish to believe God?

Answer #1

I don’t know but I see the world for what it is, not what is might be, which was derived out of ancient times.

Answer #2

because some people need to beilieve in something higher that themself to turn to for all there unanswered questions. I dont beleive in anything about this so called god but some people need somewere to turn to, someone to blame, and someone to thank thats higher than themselves. in pretty much gets them out of any debate because there only answer is “god did it”

Answer #3

Because they have been brainwashed to believe in the sky guy who with a wave of his hand magically made the world and all its inhabitants appear.

Because they are delusional!

Answer #4

well I think everyone would like to believe that there is a higher power and that there is a reason we are all walking the earth. I think people want to believe in God because of what they hear other people say, but I dont think you’ll truly believe until you have experienced Him for yourself. I’ve been Christian my whole life, you could say, but I was basically just going off of faith and what I saw that He did in other people’s lives and the basic waking me up in the morning, food on the table, etc. But it is not until I had an encounter with God where He turned everything around for me, helped me, lifted me up, comforted me, and saved me when no one else could or would help me. now, looking back, I see He was there all along I just didnt know it, but He was walking behind me all along waiting for me and waiting for me to be ready. He never gave up on me and never forgot me:)

Answer #5

To the believers, there is no other way. Once you have actually experienced him, you would never think of him not being a part of your life. You realize that you are priviledged indeed, to be allowed to be a part of his kingdom.

I pray that one day, your eyes will be opened to this marvelous truth.

God Bless..

Answer #6

There are two basic types of religions on earth. The first type promises to help you transcend death. The second type promises divine help in the present.

Both make enticing promises that can not be disproven, and people want to believe in those promises.

A religion whose creed was “life is unfair, there is no ultimate justice or purpose, you die and that’s that” would not be very popular.

Answer #7

“Why do people want to believe in God?”

  Because they have a need to “understand” and God is the only satisfactory explanation, so far, for where everything derived from. The “Big Bang” and evolution can satisfactorily explain the universe and that that’s in it but logic dictates that there needs be a God/Creative Force prior to the “Big Bang”.

    “Does man know God?”

  Man does not know God. The Bible and other interpretations of God are man’s interpretations based upon man’s own conception of man’s worthiness.

I personally don’t accept the Bible as The Truth. For me it’s concepts of God and our existence is too “flawed” to be the work of a perfect God.

I believe that God created us and everything else with the use of evolution as one of Its tools.

I further believe that our “souls” which begin to inhabit the physical body, sometime around our birth, are actual particles of God which are on a journey to “experience” and “grow” and eventually (possibly after several incarnations) gravitate back into the Oneness of God.

  “Is there a Heaven?”

  If tightly defined as “A place of complete bliss, delight and peace”, then I believe there is a Heaven.

But that doesn’t mean that there is a Hell.

I actually believe that there are three states of existence:

Heaven – The state of being with and part of the totality of God.

In-between – The state of being between Heaven and Incarnated. It is a state where entities (souls, spirits, or whatever you choose to call them) contemplate their past experiences and choose future goals and incarnation conditions.

Incarnated – The state of existing in one of the “experience” planes such as the earth plane where knowledge and experience are capable of being comprehended.


From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #8

I would think its easier to believe in something. It means you don’t have to question anything. Humans want answers to questions, so maybe religion provides them with that. But also, people like being part of a community, and the church facilitates that. I went t a wedding in a small own last year and was totally amazed at the sense of community, the kindness and the caring I saw. and all revolved around the church. I’m not religious but there was a part of me that wanted to be in that safe kind place.

Answer #9

it helps them cope with some of the facts of life. Its a lot easier to deal with someones death if you believe you will see them again in the afterlife. Its all on your upbringing, just like Santa Clause, if your parents kept telling you Santa was real, you would believe it. Rnealw said our goal in life is to serve and worship him. If god ever did anything for people I would worship him. But being the cause of so many wars and deaths, if there is a god, he is no better than any tyrant in history. worship me, kill those people for me, if you don’t your going to hell. If thats a god, he doesn’t deserve my loyalty. I’d rather die for something with meaning

Answer #10

Because our goal in life is to serve and worship Him.

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