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Kids Talk About God provides free bible lessons for kids, free printable bible activities, and bible books to use in children's church, Sunday school, or at home.

About Kids Talk About God

Who we are

Kids Talk About God is a platform dedicated to providing free Bible lessons, activities, and books for children. Our mission is to empower kids to own and express their faith in a Christ-centered worldview. We believe in the power of peer influence and aim to create a community where children can grow in grace and confidence through sharing their faith with others.

What we Do

We offer a wide range of resources for children to engage with the Bible in a fun and meaningful way. From free Bible lessons and printable activities to interactive books like the Kids Color Me Bible, we provide unique opportunities for kids to learn and express their faith through artwork and writing. Additionally, we organize exciting missions adventures that give children the chance to experience the Great Commission in action in countries like Africa, India, and the Philippines.

Why you should use us

At Kids Talk About God, we understand the importance of instilling God’s Word in the hearts of children from a young age. By offering engaging and interactive resources, we aim to help kids develop a strong foundation of faith that will stay with them throughout their lives. Our commitment to the gospel of grace and living by grace sets us apart as a trusted source for families looking to nurture their children’s spiritual growth.

What can you ask?

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  • Is there a way for my child to connect with other kids who share their faith?
  • What resources are available for parents and caregivers to use alongside the materials provided for children?

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