why is it so hard for people to believe that God brought a 8 month old baby out of an coma that have been in since she was 2 months from a baysitter?

God is an good God and i believe that this lady had faith in God because she brought her baby to church when the doctors said no..In the bible a sick lady had faith that if she could just touch Jesus clothes she would be healed why is it hard to see this mother had the same faith and her faith got her baby back. WORK WITHOUT FAITH IS WORTHLESS… trust it. its in the bible

Answer #1

Why is anyone having a babysitter when their child is so young?

Answer #2

There are many people in the world who have faith in God and their prayers go unanswered. Why does your God pick and choose who is more worthy of his compassion? The simple fact is, not everyone believes that your God exists, and the humane thing to do would be to accept and tolerate that and leave other people to their own beliefs.

Answer #3

People work… you work to pay bills. i had an babysitter at 2 months..

Answer #4

That’s an unfair statement….there’s nothing wrong with a 2 month old baby being in the care of a sitter.

Answer #5

i dont try ti argue with other people beliefs and i listen to them and i take them in. i dont talk about other peoples but i dont accept it when other talk about mine..

Answer #6

I just assumed you were out partying, sorry. Alot of people do that where I’m from.

Answer #7

the baby mother works.. she was an single mother

Answer #8

Well, that’s where the problems arise. You say it was God, I say it was Karma. Who is right? I think we should each be allowed to believe what we want. Your question is basically telling me that I’m wrong.

Answer #9

but i didnt talk about of your beliefs. i took it and im not trying to say your wrong its my belief. sorry if you took it as if i was saying anyone who think its karma is wrong but anyone who believe in God agree with my belief. you see where im coming from…? im sorry i wasnt saying your wrong and not saying im wrong

Answer #10

I respect your belief, which is why I would never say “Why can’t people accept that karma was responsible for saving the life of this child”…do you see what I’m getting at? I’m not trying to argue that your belief is wrong, I’m only trying to make you understand how the words you choose can be offensive to someone else. The things we say define us as people, and prove how tolerant we actually are.

Answer #11

OK I DO UNDERSTAND WHERE U ARE COMING FROM. nd again im sorry for how i word it… sorry if my choice of words where affensive to you

Answer #12

and others

Answer #13

Seems like your God lets a lot more prayers go unanswered than answered if you ask me. Why is it so hard for people to believe? Because that’s not their religion, not what they believe in. Why is it so hard for you to believe that it luck, or a medical success that brought that baby out of a coma? Not God. That’s the problem here.

Answer #14

You call it God, i call it medicine and the human body in action. To me a baby waking up from a coma is the work of medical teams and the human body, i dont understand why people always forget how complex our bodies are and what they are capable of. I also dont think it fair when God gets all the credit over the doctors. Its hard for people to believe because its simply not their beliefs. I dont believe in a invisiable man in the sky bringing babies back…if hes there….then why just pick this child…why not save them all?

Answer #15

Where was “God” when the eight month old I used to babysit, Mateusz was in the hospital after his mother’s boyfriend beat him?

“Mateusz Bell, the 14-month-old infant, son of Jason Chabourne and Diane Bell, died Tuesday March 6, 2007 at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.” He would be five years old on December 12.

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Answer #17

WHy didnt Jesus just babysit you?

Answer #18

you are wrong for that… i take that in affence. toy are wrong for making a comment like that about my belief i didnt say anything about yours

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Answer #20

cuz not all of us belive in god..

Answer #21

That was a rude comment and uncalled for. It is normal for working mothers to get a baby sitter for their children at such a young age.

Answer #22

its hard 1: bcuz people dont believe in God. 2: even people who do believe often have a hard time seeing His answers. 3: maybe they werent looking for an answer. i believe that this miracle, for it truly is, is a direct act of mercy on God’s side. he brought that baby out of that coma, and answered many prayers. its not hard for me to believe, bcuz of my relationship w Christ, and my knowledge of His power. its hard for otehrs bcuz they dont thinkt hat it truly is a miracle, and that God never answers. but He does, you just have to look :)

Answer #23

this does sound like such a miricale. but the thing is, i guess you’d have to expierence one to really get the belief out. i did, it feels amazing

Answer #24

Because most of the world’s women dont have the luxury to stay at home?

Answer #25

Did I not explain that I thought they had a babysitter because they were out partying, not out working!

Answer #26

That was sarcasm for those of you who dont understand.

Answer #27

Agreed with Mandyloo Why is it so hard to believe that it’s the work of the human body an medical team. Or, heres one for ya, why is it so hard to believethat it’s the work of the human mind. Quantim mechanics baby, look into it 1_~

Answer #28

thank you…

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