Why do people often bring God into something?

I am a believer of God, but it always gets me when people want to bring God or the “Christian Thing” into the conversation. Just the other day I was watching the Real Housewives Reunion and the host asked one on the women how do you think God feels about you getting plastic surgery. My mom was all in the back-round saying “Well God wouldnt have made plastic surgeons if he didnt want us to get surgery.” So I am just curious as to why people want to always put God up in something? Plus I dont think He would call me a hoe if I was gay. (I’m not gay tho) Thanx_

Answer #1

GOD is about change and GOD changed their life so why should we tell other about him .if your a true believer then GOD’S WILL FOR YOUR LIFE WILL BE PUT 1ST.We love GOD.my co-worker’s asked me the same thing evertime they talk perverted.I try and give them the truth about it and you know what they understand now.I can tell them the truth and they may not like it but they understand that I love them enough to tell them about GOD.

Answer #2

… Is there a way to change your mind about getting notifications from a thread? I just got like six from the person above me.

Answer #3

Never understood the “because God created it” reasoning. God created the ancestors to what is here now, but ultimately, I think man had been left to his own choices, both individually and collectively.

Answer #4

I don’t know, I think it’s kind of funny. But then, I’m an atheist.

Answer #5

God is a large part of some people’s lives, it affects what they do and how they perceive things, so they’re going to bring it into conversation and whatnot.

Answer #6

They bring him in because of their religion. Just like “What would Jesus do?” They just use it as an example. It’s best to just overlook it.

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