How can people believe in God?

I’m asking because I’m so shocked sometimes, seeing how blindly people follow their faith. All evidence points to evolution being the cause for evidence but Christians just deny (and not offer any other argument) this scientific theory. How do people believe in a thing they can’t see, feel, touch or communicate with in any way?

Answer #1

How can one say “I don’t believe in God” if you haven’t meet him?

How can one say ‘’I DO believe in God’’ when NO ONE has met him?

Answer #2

As a former Christian, I understand thepsychological tricks used to effectively brainwash people and keep them brainwashed. Don’t be too critical of the believers, they are victims of psychological manipulation, just as almost any of us could be.

Answer #3

Theory. Gravity is a theory. The only reason that evolution is a theory is because we can’t have a full test that doesn’t take couple of million years. All sections of science agree with evolution. (By the way creation science is not science). If you study the true history you’ll find why I’m more inclined to believe provable fact.

Answer #4

BTW I do believe in evolution, even though Im Christian. Not all Christians are creationists. Although I dont think theres anything wrong with believing in creationism either

Answer #5

There is no proof of God and plenty for evolution. Maybe you should do some research before showing your ignorance

Answer #6

Evolution is stupid - if by that you mean FACTS AND REALITY are stupid, your not so bright. There is scientific proof that evolution is real and did happen. Evolution still happens to this day in certain species. Your silly.

Answer #7

Not all things can be explained by evolution.I agree that it does provide the best evidence. Some people choose to believe in a higher power. Point is you need to believe in something in this world (it doesn’t have to be God). I choose to believe in God. I don’t take the bible up literally or anything because I need the balance of religion in my life to make everything right for me. I also believe in evolution by that. You believe in evolution because it makes sense to you. Someone else doesn’t believe in anything because they have their own abilities to believe in. Point is people differ that and some need “blind” faith in their lives.

Answer #8

I am really insulted by your question.

Its perfectly okay with me if you do not believe in God. It is another thing to criticize people for “blindly following.” We do not blindly follow, we gain our knowledge from the Bible. The reason why you are not Christian is probably (Im guessing here) because you dont believe in the Bible, you dont see it as a credible, believable source. To me, thats the same as say, people watching Oprah. Some people believe what she says, some people think its bull.

Learn to respect other religions, will ya

Answer #9

I’ve always wondered the same thing. There is no proof of any God/s. In fact all evidence suggest there is no God/s. Some people follow their God so blindly its amazing. I do think all Gods are man made. What I found funny I’d that when you face them with the problem of providing proof they produce faith based proof (that is proof that requires a belief in God in the first place) when you call them out on it you get “you have to have faith”. Well that’s not proof.

Answer #10

How can the believe in it. I’m an atheist and my fiance is a Christian. I have asked him this question before here’s how he answered me.

When you believe in something - you just believe. You have to have faith in order to believe in something that you have no proof of. Religion and God are not for everyone. a lot of people believe in God for hope, for answers for when things go wrong, for peace of mind, to believe that they will see their loved ones again, etc.

Answer #11

“but but evolution is a theory a”

No, it’s a theory in the scientific sense (so is gravity, quantum physics, themodynamics, …) not in the day-to-day sense.

“go to a chritian church you will be amazed”

Most of us have, at one point or another. We’re not atheists through lack of knowledge.

Answer #12

Then what do you belive in.. where do you go when you die … what do you think People like me believe in God because it’s somthing we have faith in Yea there is no truth but but evolution is a theory a no one will know you just have to belive to see it … their has been miracles done unexplianed and that is a fact …go to a chritian church you will be amazed

Answer #13

I don’t know? I mean quite obviously evolution happened or we wouldn’t be here, now would we? Quite obviously it is true, everything in regards to it can be explained by evolution.

The science of evolution is based on research and evidence. Creationism in contrast is a made up story not based on any evidence, just supposition.

Why believe in made-up ancient stories over something that makes sense and has evidence?

Answer #14

faith… either you believe or you dont… it doesnt really need proof (that’s the whole point)

leevan - faith is blindly following, the bible has no scientific proof. the person who asked the question has a perfectly valid point. (uhm what has oprah got to do with anything?)

also most people dont believe in the bible literally… evolution and God are not mutually exclusive

Answer #15

Sorry if you find any errors, my english is not the best, jaja but I hope that you find my opinion usefull.

How can one say “I don’t believe in God” if you haven’t meet him? God cannot be seen because he is spiritual and we cannot see him with our human eyes, but, we do can feel and comunicate with him. He is real, and I don’t say it because of some theory or something like that, I believe in him because he has proven to me that he does exist and that he loves me. A lot of people can create their own theorie if they want, but the personal experienses that I have lived with god is what makes me believe in him, and nobody can take that away from me. But dont think that this is only for some people, everyone can have a personal experience with god and have their own opinion weather he is real or not. The only thing you have to do its let him enter your live and your shall see and understand day by day the reason god created. Anyway if you want to talk about it some more here’s my messenger: My english is not perfect but I can try, jaja. By the way my name is Christian, im a christian and im 18. Bye!!

Answer #16

Not all christians believe in creationism. In fact most don’t. Even the catholic church recognizes evolution as a valid scientific theory.

The only christians who truly believe the story of genesis are the more ignorant and brainwashed ones. Most accept science and faith independently, but a few refuse to reconcile their mythology with reality.

Those who want to deny evolution should listen to arachnids excellent advice. You protestations make you look stupid.

“Many things you can’t see, you just have to go on faith - can’t see the wind, can’t see the driver approaching you is having a siezure - you just have faith he’s not going to veer into you head-on, etc”

Oh amblessed, such silliness. You can see and feel the wind, and you can see a driver coming at you, and sure will feel it if you don’t avoid him. Faith is real only to the believer. It is menaingless to others. But the thumpers still think they must profess that faith ad nauseum to anyone within earshot.

Answer #17

Everything in science is a theory. The word, as used in a scientific context, has a different meaning from day-to-day conversation. Theory simply means that it can be disproven, if contradictory evidence is discovered. Gravity, Evolution, Thermodynamics, etcetera, are all theories. This does not mean they don’t have evidence, quite the contrary: It means they make testable, predictions, are disprovable, and have shown to be correct.

Science works because it accepts that theories can be wrong, and may need correcting or replacing. You can never know for certain that the current theory is the correct one, because that would imply that if you uncovered contradictory evidence, you wouldn’t abandon or update the theory, which would be unscientific.

Answer #18

I cannot believe the irony in your comment! Care to share your “researched” proof so you can enlighten me and perhaps others who are in the dark about this abundant proof for evolution?

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