Why jump down people's throats if they don't believe in god?

Why is it people jump down other people’s throats just because they either don’t believe in god or don’t follow him? I believe in good but still if I told most people on here what I believed then y’all would jump down my throats.. Why cant people let others believe what they want to believe?… So many people say that if you don’t believe in god/follow him then you go to hell.. Well what if you believe in god but you don’t see an after-life? I just can understand how after you die you go anywhere besides the ground or in a urn depend on what you do…some do agree with me, its a very hard concept to grasp, yet others who cant even really explain how there can really be an after-life… Instead they just jump down your throat and say that you’re going to he!l because of that. But really if someone doesn’t believe in in heaven or hell then how could they go somewhere that doesn’t, at least to them, exist? why can’t everyone just except everyone’s own believes? Why do they have to jump down others throats? … I know that people are probably going to wind up jumping down my throat because of what I believe so if you choose to do that at least answer my question while you’re gripping me out thanks

Answer #1

Because there are always people out there that will always feel like you are wrong. They will try to tell you how you feel “deep down” when they honestly have no idea how you could possibly feel. They think that no matter what beliefs you have that they are absurd and fantasy. Because some people feel that no matter how you word your question you are still pushing your beliefs on them. They have to put down your God because it makes them more justified in what they believe.

Personally I don’t care what you believe or what anyone else on here believes. I know what I think and that’s all that matters to me. If someone tries to tell me about their religion then I will probably tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine and move on. But I also feel that everyone in the world has the right to believe whatever they want, whether it be God, Jehovah, Budda, Satan, or nothing at all.

So be it and to each his own. That’s what makes us a “Free Country”.

Answer #2

some people take it as you jumping down their throats when all you do is tell them your belief and you explain to them why you believe it and why you believe theirs is wrong, I believe in God and I will tell you of his love and what he can do for you and I know some has took that as me jumping down them, thats not jumping down them, thats called witnessing, people has a right to believe in whatever but as a christian its my “duty” so to speak to witness and help bring them to the Lord, I dont try to force anything down them, I tell them of his love and thats it, but people who dont want to take that will say that you are jumping down them when youre not…I agree we all our rights but some people wil stretch it and say your forcing when all you do is witnesing and showing God’s love to them

Answer #3

I believe that there are a lot of imature people on here…I mean come on grow did your almighty being tell you to jump down some ones throat for having different beliefs? No… your suppose to stand up for your beliefs and teach people who what to know about them the truth. the people who don’t care to know of your religious beliefs let be. Its not just christians and atheists that are quilty everyone of even more beliefs need to take their blame as well. as for myself I belive in wicca and your suppose to discover it you self and no one of the faith is suppose to force it on others just give spirtual guidence

Answer #4

its my “duty” so to speak to witness and help bring them to the Lord

Oh… DO explain that one…

Answer #5

I wonder that sometimes also. thats cool you believe in him. its a start. ^_^ but yeah. youre right. people, should just…let it be.

Answer #6

okay so…I don’t think I’m going to jump down your throat, cause in a sense a believe you. I think the reason people force God onto people is because He is so amazing and people are just missing out, but the Christian’s are taking the wrong aproach on sharing his word. As far as getting upset at you for not believing in Heaven or Hell, I think most people aren’t sure what they think so in order to defend the easy beliefe they yell, more at themselves than you. It just scares many of us to think that we’ll just end. Nothing. Poof. So my conclusion is, people do it cause they are insucure about their own beliefs.

Answer #7

because you pose a threat to their beliefs & they don’t want anyone doing that. ONe of the main reason why the pagans were demonized. Though my theory is when you die you’re reincarnated, I mean heym where does all that energy go when you die? & people have claimed to see people they knew when they died & etc, & what about ghost? But hey, that’s what I think.

Answer #8

The mere fact that some people don’t believe in gods, afterlives, or whatever, is viewed as a threat to a lot of people who do. The reason they feal threatened, is because deep down their subconscious knows it’s all a bunch of hooey, so they are constantly dealing with doubt.

When they see other that don’t even mess with trying to fool themselves, it increases their doubts, which is a threat to their faith.

So many of them will claim “oh no, it’s not that at all, it’s just that I care about you and want you to go to heaven”. But if that were the case, their approach would always be caring and thoughtful. It rarely is.

Answer #9

arachnid, yes I can see how when people try to shove their believes down others throats but the thing is I’ve never done that… I have no right to criticize people, most people dont, most of the people in this world that criticizes people for the things that they’ve done or believe when a lot of the criticizers have done the same thing and at one time atleast wondered if god exist or if there is an after-life, sometimes im sure even people who dont believe in god at all or who worship satan still somtimes wonder if maybe what all those people say is true… I’ve skrewed up as much as most people, everyone has… no is prefect yet there are so many people that seem to believe that they are and that their blelives are perfect when honestly every belief has its faults, even Christianity

Answer #10

You’re welcome to believe what you want. But when you start telling us all about it on FA, and why we’re wrong and should convert, then it’s fair game for us to criticize your religion.

Bad ideas of all kinds get criticized when others promote them. Why should religion be any different?

Answer #11

We are lucky enough to have the freedom to follow our own beliefs without prejudice, but unfortunately, some people forget that.

There are a lot of God-fearing people in the world, and they are only acting upon what they truly believe is right.

We need to find the patient acceptance and tolerance within ourselves to let them say what they need to, then move on without feeling offended or harassed.

As much as we want to say “we have the right”, we cannot deny that they also have a right.

Answer #12

both christians and atheists are guilty of this

Answer #13

All what energy?

Answer #14

I agree. I do believe in an afterlife but not God or Jesus

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