Why don't people believe God is aliens?

This is the only true religion. Gods were aliens from this galaxy, and the only reason we can pray to them is because there brains are super complex, and they can answer our prayers with their advancedness. Aliens designed life on Earth, and gave the ancients information to start society. when we die, aliens give us souls and we go live in there dinamic created for us to live forever. they love us but we have to worship them.

Answer #1

The alien creation story or no more or less ridiculous than a literal interpretation of the Genesis account.

Answer #2

im not religous but I do belive there is god. And maybe aliens are it. Everyone has their own oppion and your idea makes just as much sense as all the other religions.

Answer #3

It is as good an explanation of god as the bible gives.

Both are just as preposterous.

Answer #4

you are insane ,read the bible and you will find that god is not an a alien ,you way of thinking is wrong don’t confuse all things together

Answer #5

I’d like to say that people don’t believe this because there’s no more evidence for it than there is for any other theory. However, the real reason people don’t believe it is mostly because it’s not what they were brought up with.

Just to name a few gaping holes in this hypothesis:

  1. Why is there absolutely no evidence of these aliens?
  2. Why would they do this in the first place, and then ensure there’s absolutely no evidence of their existence to boot?
  3. If our civilisation is created by aliens, what was their civilisation created by?
Answer #6

God of the Bible created us - not LizardKing.

Answer #7

There are many gods(little g) fighting for supremacy, only one true and living God (big G). There is science fiction, there are demons that desguise themselves as other things ,in order to capture the allegiance of man, there are things that go bump in the night, there is truth, and there is untruth. It is all around us, fighting for our attention, we have to make up our minds, in whom do we believe. The battle for our souls rages on.

Answer #8

Various proposals claim that the Earth had, before first human record, been visited by intelligent extraterrestrials, and that such contact is linked to either the origins or development of human cultures, and/or religions. this suggests that gods for the most part, if not all, religions are actually extraterrestrial beings, and their technologies were mistaken for divine entities by primitive man.

Answer #9

Scientology…quite laughable. Yet makes all the sense in the word.

Answer #10

Uh…it makes a lot of since but um…where did you hear that from…

Answer #11

GOD is not an alien.

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