Why do I feel ugly?!! . . . I hate it!!!

How can I make myself feel pretty? Any ideas? Help!

Answer #1

I’d like to bet you really are quite pretty, but feeling a little down, lots of folks feel this way after one party too many, look in the mirror and say ohh boooyy…, Its only temporary, give your self a chance to recover and get happy again, instead of concentrating on features you dont like, highlight the ones that you are proud of and give your ego a little boost, confidence is a highly attractive asset for anyone. Franklyn.

Answer #2

Well… really when it come to it, it is not about how pretty or ugly you look, it is whether you feel happy in yourself. You obviously dont feel happy, I also sometimes feel like this, and I always think that maybe getting a new haircut, buying a few new clothes or even just taking a long hot bath and getting out really relaxed and fresh really helps.

Best of luck


Answer #3

1:get a hair cut 2:get a make over 3:go shopping and buy loads of new clothes 4:maybe have a photo shoot hope this helps x

Answer #4

I completely agree with thenameisjess. You should try to gain self confidence, and by doing that, you can change things about how you live, what you wear, or your haircut. It helps, try it, and good luck(:

Answer #5

have a makeover hair makeup clothes wax :L that usually does leaps in your confidance (:

Answer #6

You gain self confidence

Answer #7

I recon you should carry on doing what your doing hun , it seems to be working , start looking at urself in a more positive way , you know what I think , but I agree with thenameisjess because obviously you feel low of urself , because of what others have said ( and dont let them get to you if they have said anythink )but really think of the best feature you have , think more positivly about how you look and that , personaly I think you look stunning xxx and yeah about them loosers that might be lowering your self asteam, there only jelous xx :D

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