What do I do when I feel ugly?

Sometimes I feel really ugly. And sometimes I feel really pretty. I don’t know, I’m weird I guess. And right now, I kinda feel ugly. Because I’m going to a wedding thingy tomorrow, and my mom is making me wear a dress. And she says the my short hair looks really ugly with a dress. Not only that, the dress I bought it in like may is small now. :( and I’m not even fat or anything! I’m a size two. It’s because I’m growing really tall, and plus I just had dinner so I was a little big around the stomach area.

But yeah I feel pretty ugly.

My mom always makes me feel really ugly…but she’s my mom! She’s not suppose to do that.

Answer #1

we all feel ugly at times .. its natural thing to happen.. if we was always feeling pretty it be so rubbish .. you learn from ya downers..when you feel ugly just give yourself a “me” day…nice soak in bath.. best clothes on,,,listen to best songs you like,,,have a manicure,pedicure of your own.. do your hair lovely … it’ll instantly pick you back up and make you feel beautiful again

Answer #2

ok for one thing try to keep your spirits up and then try to make your short hair work with the dress. and if your to tall wear a skirt and a cute shirt with it. I can gauarentee that you would look freaking awsome in that dress if you wore something with it like some nice heels and then some makeup to bring out the features of your face trust me I have bangs and not the side bangs my mom would only let me get that done to my hair so I always put them up in clips so no one will see them. and if you have short hair then put it up into those really cut pig tails that make everything about the face stick out more. you will definetly look great trust me. I bet you would look better than I do with makeup on. LOL. luv

Answer #3

Vivalapepito, I totally agree with that

Answer #4

You should have full fiducial in your self .. and don’t attent any body call you ugly

Answer #5

Just know you always are bautiful and you are never ulgy dont let uglyness stand in your way sumtime I feel the same but I always know im stronge and pretty and so are u

Answer #6

mmh what kind of mom is that? :S that’s wird!


I am 13 years old, and sometimes I feel the same way! when I feel ugly I look at myself in the mirror and I start looking at the things that I dont like about me so… I say to myself “I am gonna change this” I know that I am pretty I just need to take care a little bit more of myself I need to pick the clothes that look good on me and I need to get a really nice hairstyle!!! you always need to find a way to make yourself look prettier! try to be natural!! try to talk to your mom cause’ I don’t really know what kind of mom do you have, your pretty! you know what you are not pretty your beautiful! you just need to talk to yourself and to try to change the things that you dont like about you!!!never let yourself go down, always make yourself go up and shine like a star!:)

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