How can I stop feeling so ugly?

i feel like i am ugly but most people say im pretty but to me i feel hideous is there a way to help that or am i really ugly

Answer #1

If that is your picture, you are definately NOT really ugly….from the very small pic, you look pretty, so stop beating yourself up over it ! Besides, it is what you are ‘inside’ that is far more important….have a great day !!

Answer #2

This is a symptom of youth. Not feeling pretty enough, fashionable, thin enough. I don’t think most of us felt like knockouts when we were younger. You really grow into your looks as you get older.

For example, I always, always hated my Hindu nose when I smiled in pictures. I felt like an artists rendering of a terrorist. I also always, always hated my round, chubby face in pictures. I’d try everything posing at every angle to make it all go away.

Now I am 32 years old. The other day, my girlfriend and I posed in a picture together and I realized it was the first time in years where I finally accepted the way that I looked, truly. I liked my round face and Hindu nose and crazy smile. I was just myself, I was different, and I wasn’t trying to be anything other than a girl hanging with her good friend.

We are our own worst critics. But when you can get to the point where you look in the mirror and say, “This is me, warts and all,” then you will truly find inner peace and confidence.

So just don’t be so hard on yourself, and don’t look to others to tell you whether or not you are beautiful. Just be what you are, it will come through.

Answer #3

how can you say that your ugly. if those are the pics of you,your not. most girls feel ugly because they dont believe in themselves. believe in yourself and be confident 100% of the way even if sometimes you only feel 20%. remember, beauty comes from within.

Answer #4

wow you are so far from ugly its not even funny. You would be found attractive anywhere you go–I guarantee it. If you every feel ulgy, you need to stop lying to yourself because you are in that special top 10% of the population that is very attractive.

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