How do you build confidence in myslef when you feel ugly?

latley I been feeling so ugly, yea I get im pretty by adults but when it comes to people around my age I feel like the ugly duckling when it comes to my guy frinds and besties. People like to compare me to them I just dont get it is it because im fat? I’m a social-butterfly but im feel sooo ugly and it gets very annoying afther a while. would love some adivce of whats wrong with me?

Answer #1

Actually I really know how you feel. im 5’10 not that skinny. I know that im built broad; shoulders arms…ect. my best girlfriend is really cute like 5’3” and a little stick and she had a baby! I know it’s hard to look around you and feel like your the odd one out, but your friends don’t look at you that way. And a lot of people don’t see you for how you see you. I mean you probably heard that a lot, but I’m telling you I see you as really natural and gorgeous, your lucky your not the ones who have to slob on makeup for them, they think, to look good.
And specific things about you, a lot of girls would want. Specific things about you are going to attract a guy who sees you as just the prettiest thing and because he likes you for you, your only going to get prettier in his eyes and have him notice more and more things about you that they absolutely love. That goes for your friends and new people you meet. I think that way cause I have a very good looking boyfriend, and I dont understand why he picked me…he could have any girl, but its honestly who you are.

you look good and start believing it even if it’s hard. people don’t always say things just to please. You really are beautiful.

Answer #2

I feel like that a lot because im a big girl. You’re not ugly I can tell you that. You seem like a very nice girl. Just remember that personality is more important than looks, and honey you got a awesome personality. Just be your self and who cares what people think.

Answer #3

Nothing is wrong tih you. Being a young adult is hard enough. I am sure you are very pretty and very sweet and nice. You should try to find something that can really build your convidence in and be your self. Just believe in yourself that you are pretty and don’t dwell on the negatives. :) hope this helps!

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