What if I feel ugly and fat?

a lot of people say im perfect and have a beautiful body.. but I dont think so.

I feel like im gaining to much weight. I’ve been on diets and I exercise everyday .. but it just doesnt seem like its working. and I think this is the problem with me getting boyfriends. I dont think im pretty enough and people think im getting TOO skinny and that im freaking out with this whole diet thing b/c im not even fat. people think im going anorexic… my parents even think so.

but I just feel so ugly and fat. what do I do?

Answer #1

Since people say you are fine or even better,then listen to them.Dont think too much.Have confident with how you look.Good luck! ^^

Answer #2

Did someone tell you you are ugly or fat? Or is this just you who thinks this? If it is you then you need to talk to someone. This could be something serious. Every person on this planet is different and that’s what makes us all special. Don’t worry about boyfriends right now. When you don’t the right one will come into your life. At your age they are only thinking about one thing anyway, believe me I know. If you are a good person and do good things that makes you beautiful inside and out. If you still feel ugly or fat go to a grown up you trust, your mom, an aunt, a friend of the family and talk to them. They may have experienced the same thing at your age and can help you a great deal. Good Luck and remember don’t let anyone tell you you are ugly or fat.

Answer #3

well I used to think the same thing and then I really got fat (not ugly just fat)I mean I gained 40 pounds in a year. And it really makes you wish you would have appreciated your body when it was in shape and healthy. I’m working on dieting and exercising to lose the weight its not hopeless. Anyways being fat doesn’t make you ugly…Good luck

Answer #4

well you say “I’m not even fat” then why are you dieting to the point you look annorexic ? I’m sure you look fine, dont get too skinny guys dont like that, guys like thicker girls and they like confidence. so instead of feeling bad aboutyourself you should feel good and confident because that is YOU.

Answer #5

oh man I feel the exact same way but at least you fam cares mine are the ones actually TELLING me lol

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