Why do I feel like I'm ugly?

Okay, all my friends are really pretty, but im really ugly. I get upset a lot. Some people call me ugly too, and it makes me upset. I just wanna die, everyone is so pretty but I feel worthless. I just feel like dying now. Is there any way that I can be pretty? I just dont know what to do and I hate this feeling of wanting to die and that my life is worthless. Any advice?

Answer #1

IT DOESN’T MATTTER! you are pretty in your own way… the people who call you ugly are just mean mean bullies… RELAX!

P.S Don’t Die!

Answer #2

listen I know exactly how you feel!!! I used to feel the same I used to feel like dying just like you not only that but guys would constantly make fun of me calling me ugly! it really hurt me like crazy but you know what I sed screw them I got my act together I changed myself dramatically…I started wearing a lil bit of make up and putting on very stylish clothes nothing expensive tho…n now I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and guys just cant keep away from me …im not saying that you need to change anything about yourself if dont want to dont do it but seriousely forget about it im pretty sure you have something your friends envy…hope I helped =]

Answer #3

You’re a teenager. By definition you’re emotionally, chemically, and hormonally imbalanced. This also makes teenagers prone to SEVERE exaggerations. Case in point.

Seek counseling. You have another 5-6 years of instability to go…

Answer #4

you are NOT ugly… maybe you just have a different perseption of beauty or you compare urself wid your friends… im guessing your a teenager don’t worry its normal to feel that way:) just try to be confident…(yea I know its hard…) but try:)

Answer #5

I know how you feel! First of all you can’t make your self preety! But what you can do is try to take a shower every night, and when you do, Brush your hair constantly. This will help knotts stay out of your hair. Then wear cute close!

Answer #6

Look when I was young I looked terrible, I had no boobs I broke out and I had no confidence whatso ever. but I realized I dont have to impress anyone im growing at my own pace, who cares if that guy likes me or if that girl is prettier, I am who I am and if they dont want to talk to me that their loss!

So I went to the spa, got a makeover I cut my hair, did my nails put a little makeup on and called a friend and went out. Guess what the guys were talking to me! but it wasnt my new do, it was my confidence ! Now that same guy is my husband of 8 years!

You have to believe in yourself, dont put yourself down or think negatively. you are a beautiful person and dont let anyone else tell you diffrently. If they tell you your ugly tel them no im beautiful and you are nothing for trying to bring me down! Being a teenager is hard, you have a lot of people making fun and picking on people but you have to be strong and dont let those negative thoughts overpower you, always think positive no matter what good things will come.

Answer #7

I no how you feel I used to b the same but after going to my church I learned that there is no such thing as an ugly person only different and ialso figurd that maby if my friends are pritty tthen so am I as 4 those guyes well all I have to say is ALLGUYS ARE DICKS AND ONLY THINK WITH 1 THING there ddicks lolbut dont worry the right person will come along someday and they will love you so much and think you are the most beautiful wonen in the world but if you kill yourself how can you no that. rember that god mad you exactly the way you are and you are every thing to him

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