What do I do when I feel like I'm ugly?

I don’t know what to do every thing I try to do to bring my self esteem up it doesnt work, I don’t know why I think im ugly every one tells me im beautiful, and that im hot,

but I guess I dont see that in the mirror it gets to the point that I cry,

I know im attractive and I know im pretty but I don’t know im just having a hard time beleivining it right now…

I don’t know what to do I feal like hiding frum tha world help

Any help AT ALL? :(

Answer #1

You are like so hot, if anything people should be worshiping your beauty.

Answer #2

thank you guys fer tha support! :) :(

Answer #3

your not ugly what you r s crazy… you rele are pretty…BELIEVE IT!

Answer #4

your probably not looking at yourself rite. if your not convinced go 4 some one different, like maybe different hair color.

Answer #5

do you have Body dysmorphic disorder?

go here to see the symptoms I have a friend with this, she is gorgeous seriously but cries all the time because she thinks she is hideous and I didn’t get it but now I do check it out


Answer #6

yes, I understand…I cry all the times about how ugly and fat I am and it seems like I cant do anything about it I talked to my theraphy and she dont help and I dont know what else can help if you want to talk can you funmail me and we can talk and I can probably help you beacause I saw your picz and for sure your beautiful NO LIE..and im way uglier than you and yeah…lets talk so I can help you

Answer #7


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