Feeling ugly in crowds.

Hi im 14. I wouldnt call myself . Infact I think im pretty. But when I was in the theatre I look at other girls and think; they are soo pretty and I don’t know if its bc I feel ugly but I feel an uneasey discomfort. Are they feeling that when they look am me? Are all teens like this? Or is it just me.

Answer #1

Your not ugly, but if you want to be as pretty as other girls, you wont be real.

And I’ve read your answers, im sure you arent ugly looking, but your personality is ugly.

Its called “Funadvice” not “Bad-advice-to-I-can-make-other-people-feel-bad”

Answer #2

I think you nervous about being judged by them, Its easy to feel insecure at your age, I know I did. All you really want is to fit in. I think that ugliness you feel is that need to be accepted so you put yourself in a passive state. which theirs nothing wrong with that what so ever. Its just a part of growing up. all you need is to be more self confident, and I promise things will get better.

Answer #3

your 14 its all bout the looks at your age, okay I’ll give you some tips lol

  1. shave legs
  2. pluck eye brows
  3. wear natural make up (do not go over board!! you must control urself)
  4. cloths, make sure you wear the cloths that fit you best, not cloths to make you fit in
  5. little accessories - boys love playin with them and I cant live with out them. you cant go wrong wit those 5 tips, keeping in mind there is always going to be someone pritter then u, but noone will care if you got a great personality then you got the package baby! :)
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