What if I hate being the ugly duckling?

everyone like one of my older sisters, and my oldest sister iz very pretty and people always say she pretty , but no one NEVER says that 2 me. No one EVER likes me and when i look in the mirror i see an ugly person. Boys never talk to me but always to my two sisters. I dont think that im pretty , im the UGLYEST 13 year old girl you could ever see in your life. Im very shy and try not to socialize. No one ever want to talk to me and i always feel left out because im not pretty. ONe of my sisters always judge me on everything i do. For ex. the way i walk, talk, facial expressions,etc., and that lowers my confidence and makes me angry/ sad. My other sister , well, i think she just doesnt like me. any ways “i HATE THE WAY I LOOK , FEEL, ACT, TALK, AND I WISH I WERE NEVER BORN.” WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Answer #1

When I was younger, my father was dating this woman. She had a daughter two years older than I was. The daughter was beautiful and outgoing. Everyone loved her. All the boys had crushes on her.

I, on the other hand, was plain and quite. People liked me from time to time, but never as much as they liked her.

However, this girl smelled like something died and the stench of it was coming out through her skin. She was also dumb as a post.

My father broke up with her mother, so I do not know what became of her. Last I heard anything about her, we were in high school. She was dating a guy who was rumored to be a cheater and was failing every single class. Her mother was also an abusive alcoholic.

I really like how I turned though!

So long story short, being pretty isn’t everything. Take pride in something that actually matters, like what’s inside. Be nice to people. Always do your best. Learn all you can. That’s the stuff that matters. That’s what will make you feel good about yourself, and that’s the kind of stuff that will draw good people to you.

Answer #2

well i feel you :/ i know what thats like because my younger sister does that a lot to me, and not just them, but a lot of my relatives and cousins too . i’m sorry that you’re going through this and that your self esteem is going down the drain . i know what it feels like..

honestly though one day some guy is going to come along and fall in love with you for who you are not just because of how you look or whatever keep your hopes up, im sure you’re really pretty ^^

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