What is the truth about God and life?

I don’t want anybody to fight here. Just tell me what you honestly think and discuss in a friendly way. Nobody is ‘’stupid’’ for believing something different than you. I am just wondering which religion is the real one for one thing. Let’s assume Christianity is the truth since it’s the one I know best for this ‘scenario’- A. Why isn’t God showing us the correct way? Why does he let all these other religions exist and confuse us? B. Why doesn’t God offer proof himself, visual proof? (Don’t say the Bible please. I don’t know if that is real or misinterpreted or not real.)

Answer #1

I really dont know but I belive in god and know that he exis.{dont ask me how :) }

Answer #2

Hi Cambei

Sorry that I lost your attention and if my sentence didnt make sense, and ill rephrase. I just wanted to point out to you that when you said: “Why does He Think there needs to be no proof?”, that you are already assuming and could be slightly biased, God might have already given proof. Just a little thing I know. I am assuming you believe there is A god from your response and due to the knowledge that the chances we were an accident are null.

Before when I said some peoples unjustified hatred maybe hardening their heart more and more and not really helping anyone was aimed to someon(rockstar)who insists there is NO god whatsoever, my previous answer wasn’t addressing just 1 person but I just put my thoughts on what I read, not trying to rage if it seemed like that or anything. I only say narrow minded because I have seen people say that to those who believe in a god, just pointing out that it doesn’t really make sense

Thats a very good question Cam bout which God is the real one If you believe there is a god, he must have made us on purpose, why than would you bring up evolution? which would imply he didnt intend for us to be? he could have created us through evolution but I think this is wrong, since in the bible, the world was created in less than a week. I know this might be a bit mudled but please excuse this as its already very late and im pretty tired. Maybe we can discuss this next time.

Maybe you could research more about different religions if you dont know which God is real.

There are many religeons and you could have a closer look at each one, especially Christianity Give god a chance, just like he gave you a chance according the the bible

I am very accepting of other religions but as you might realize, I believe in Jesus Christ and hope you might have a go at acknowledging Him and share my joy

thanks for listening to my views looking forward to any reply :)

Answer #3

Cambei & to others ,

“Why does he think there needs to be no proof?” Your question denies an answer, you are already making assumptions that God thinks he needs to give no proof.

Assuming there is a God, which there is, he cannot be wrong. To all those who say there is no god, well, whose the ‘narrow minded’ person now than? Its ironic how that word gets thrown around to Christians by people who dont believe. I think some just dont take time to actually consider god but continually insist there is no God (rockstar), your unjustified hatred just maybe hardening your heart. Your insistence of NO god whatsoever is I think at the very least, unreasonable and to the point of blind or stubborn. Assuming there is a god, than lets also assume there is Satan, who is using anything to distract us from Him, who will eventually take you to Hell, where there is no god, from which all good things come.

No proof? look around you man, I see proof everywhere, from myself (our body) to the (beautiful) world we ALL live in.

SOME people may say that the whole world is ‘godless’, e.g. people starving, cancer, death but if you were to draw a circle representing the world, and in the middle of that you wrote ‘godless, with no hint of goodness’; that would be a huge misrepresentation. The world is not completely good, but this is because we sin; our world is not perfect, because we continually reject and refuse to follow God. We are weak and have little faith, but to those who believe in him and respond to his love and grace with awe, truly see God for who he is, Holy, Just and Almighty.

I hope and pray that God will ‘speak’ to you and soften your hearts so that we may accept him and receive him with Joy and spread his word; for his glory!

This is the first time I have been onto this forum and I hope I might be of any help to you and I hope we can encourage each other and build each other up which I learnt today.

Answer #4

forhisglory, this is why I like to move beyond religion when talking to people about happiness. You just lost a lot of readers at sentence 1 there, mainly athiests and non-believers I’d think. Also your proof could be proof of evolution, or proof of a different god than the Christian one or proof of multiple gods for all we know. And just because people don’t believe in god doesn’t mean they have hatred in their hearts. They might view you the same way. I don’t think anybody is narrow-minded based just on what religious beliefs they have. It’s more so about how accepting they are of other religions, of the possibility of something else being the truth, of anything being the truth.

Answer #5

the answer that “saved” gave is correct. Here is my view.

A. Why isn’t God showing us the correct way? Why does he let all these other religions exist and confuse us?

God has given man free will. Therefore questions like “Why did He let..” or “Why didn’t He prevent…” is non-relevant. Its like a father who gives his grown up son the freedom choose his life partner. After the father has done this there is no “allowing the son to marry” or “preventing his son from marrying” anybody. He can only give the son suggestions and opinions regarding the girl the son chooses. Note that it is not that father can’t do anything about the son’s choice of girl but he won’t. Because if he has to then he would have to violate the freedom he offered first and then he is a no more a good father.

God created man. Man did not seek God or His will. The did what suits them and thus religions were created. Thus confusion exists because of man.

B. Why doesn’t God offer proof himself, visual proof? (Don’t say the Bible please. I don’t know if that is real or misinterpreted or not real.)

Who are you referring to when you say God? Have you thought about that. (Note: by “you” I do not mean the questioner only but anyone who might ask this question.) Why you say God you are referring to the Creator of this Universe - supreme Spirit entity. We are just a part of His creation.

Keeping that in mind let us come to the question. This question shows that first you WANT proof and then you will BELIEVE in Him. God says He WANTS BELIEF first then He will show proof.

Man’s terms You want Him to give you what you want first (proof) then you will give Him what He wants (belief).

God’s terms God says He wants you to give Him what He wants first (belief) the He will give you what you want (proof).

You want God to give you proof. Sorry, but God will do that only under his terms. So as long you are not willing to go by His terms you are not going to have what you want. Many have gone by His terms and have got what they want. Hope this makes it clear.

Answer #6

Yeah, he says anyone that doesn’t believe him will go to hell right? Well what about the people who believe in other religions? Are they going to “hell”? Something had to have created all of this , but why? and god says he has has a plan for all of us, so why does he make people gay, then say in the bible its wrong? “God” makes us right? Inside out? Our personality and everything… so why does “he” make us to not believe in him, and have attractions to other races if HE says its wrong. and who really wrote the bible? NOT GOD HIMSELF?!?!?! Man wrote the bible… and what to humans do? They fuck things up. right? Ok, so how many times exactly has the bible been re-written??? 2389498347893749 so, of course some of it is going to be a little incorrect. So, how do we know all of it is a big made-up fairy tale? I mean I believe in god a little bit, I just have serious doubts.

Answer #7

Okay, No man is able to see god and live so thats your answer to number one. Religion gets you tied up into a lot of stuff

Answer #8

well its all very complicated. first off god does show you the right way its a whole guide. called the bible..he give you free will ,he dosent let other religions exsit we do the people ..the lord will speak to you but,you have to want it and come to him with a puer heart which means you have to repent.yea we cant see air but you know its there because of the effect.you can breathe.thats how god is you start praying and reading your bible and you will see the effect.and if you want proof start reading the bible start praying to god to reval his self to you ,he might not show up like in a visable way but he will show you that he is there .if he just showed up there would be no faith..I have been through lots of things im not right all the time but I do know much about the bible..and other religons I study them..and why do they fill like they need to worship all these other gods.

Answer #9

–eternallife– I guess I figured it like this: I am I writer. I want credit for what I wrote. God is the creator. I thought he would want credit for what he created, and would show himself to us. But I guess that’s a human thing. Thank you everyone; it’s so random and interesting to hear all the ideas…

Answer #10

Religion I never happened to like it. God I believe in, religion sounds like lies, wars, deaths, all for what? confusion and misinterpreted things God told us never to kill, yet we have the crusades, the bible doesn’t accept homosexuals? seriously? thats so stupid to me. All this religious crap is purely based on man and nothing more.

Answer #11

I agree god is something that gives you something to believe in and I like to think that when I die I will go somewhere and have another life and it makes you less afraid. But I also believe that god didn’t create earth the solar system did and it has to do with science. I’m not a strong believer and I don’t go to church but theres stuff about it that I believe… Everyone has there own opinion and you asked for mine so there it is. Although the subject of religion is not something I like to talk about and the bible just is really biast so I don’t read it and I have my own religion..lol! hope it helps you make your decision..and sometimes it takes a while.

Answer #12

in christianity god is never expected to show signs of himself, so people are not angry/confuzed/concerned when he doesnt. if your looking for a religion where you are aproached and can be interacted with by a spiritual being try out satanism if your interested. before you make assumptions, look it up, even if your not interested, because its really not what you think it is (what our christian society wants us to think it is about)

Answer #13

Thank you everyone! religionisbad- I can’t look anything up because I don’t know what is true and what isn’t. This website told me that I was in the chains of ignorance until I believed in Jesus, and then I would be free. I actually feel very happy and free until now with the stress of this whole religion thing. Right so why does God expect us to believe him and not give proof? Why does he think there needs to be no proof?

Answer #14

oftentimes the “truth” behind a religious belief pertains to what facts you are willing to overlook and dismiss. the actual living our lives and the horrors we encounter and witness everyday point to the fact that there is no divine being guiding our every move. and if there is - just for arguments sake- then this entity is pretty sadistic and non caring about how things proceed here on this planet. so the true agenda of any organized religion is to win the battle of numbers- to brain wash the most followers- to gain the most gold and power. I chose a long time ago not to buy into the mass delusion of a divine being, instead I embraced and sought to understand nature in all its glory- something neither good or bad but around us every day and a force that lived within natures laws we as human animals can live pretty well, if we choose to try and go against nature we usually end up in a bad way. believe what you will, and whatever helps you to sleep at night and whatever acts as your crutch in your everyday life- I personally have chosen to see with my own eyes- to walk without a crutch- to not believe something because someone tells me to believe that way- to use my own mind and reasoning abilities and to live by my own moral judgements. without the greed demonstrated by the organized religions and without the suppression of my own humanity- I do not need a reward based on greed and vanity to be the best person I can be- the results of being a good person is reward enough for me to receive while I am alive and not after I am put in the ground to feed worms of various species. once we are dead there is nothing afterwards except recycling, our body into food and fertilizer and our life force into another form of life.

Answer #15

Here’s my perspective:

There are no gods and no supernatural. When you die you just stay dead forever and that’s that. There are no ghosts, no alien visitations, no leprechauns fairies or afterlifre beer volcanoes, no psi phenomenon, no magic, no bigfoot,, no nessie, no faith healings, no resurrections, no flying carpets… the human imagination seems endless.

All religions (the term necessarily implies a supernatural) are wrong.

Answer #16

There’s no such thing as god. There are too many unanswered questions, too many contradictions, etc. It’s impossible.

Answer #17

A. Free Will, and God will not intervene, unless you sacrifice you will to follow His. B. Bessed are those who believe and have not seen.

Answer #18

well to question a) he cant make up our minds for us so when some people believe differently he cant change their minds but he depends on us on earth to help spread the word about him,thats why some people believe in buddah or other gods, to answer b) welli havent had visial proof but the proof that I have is that he healed my back. adn that he is teh only God that says he loves us unconditionally with out anything back from us!

Answer #19

I actually feel very happy and free until now with the stress of this whole religion thing. Christianity isn’t about religion, its about relationship. Religion will keep you in bondage, but salvation brings freedom.

Answer #20

religion does not give proof of their god because they cant, but the dont have to because they just guilt you and insult you by saying you have no faith til you believe what they tell you to

Answer #21

Right, so why does God expect us to believe him and not give proof. Why does he think there needs to be no proof. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and curtain of what we do not see. (Heb 11:1). You must first believe and then you will see the glory of God. It is not the other way around. Even when Jesus performed his miracles, people still called him a fraud and didn’t believe Him. It wouldn’t matter if he came here in the flesh and told you staight up who he was if you have already made your mind up who he is. Have Faith.

Answer #22

A. We have been given the gift of freedom. It is up to us to evolve the way that nature intended and to ignore religious dogma.

B. Do you think God is a person like you or I? No, not by a long shot. We have eyes and ears and mouths because we are human animals. It is futile to try to picture God in a way that light bounces off a material object. Think deeper on this subject.

Answer #23

“god” doesnt exist. btw a lot of people fight over religion even though they dont know much about religion. pretty dumb, right? just enjoy your life. do you not kill just cause you would go to “hell” or because you have common sense & think it wouldnt be nice?

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