Why god make my life like this?

Last year my life was a challenge to manage it was like back to back sadness and depressed I had friends that just didnt apperciate me and so did the world. And people always had something to about me. I dis year I told my self that is going be different but is not I can see that dis year is lening into last year. I feel like nothing I dont wont to be on dis earth

Answer #1

hey I thout God was lettin me down and I had no hope for friends still when my dad told me I was adopted and he was divorcing my mom and some other stuff but God uses stuff like that to help grow us he allows us to go through times like that to help us grow to be more like him and as christians meaning little christ thats what he wants us to do face trials knowing that even if its hard even if someone is makin fun or hurtin or scarin you or the situation is that he is gunna use it for his glory to help us to become more like him you may ask me how I know ethis at 17 years old well I’ve gone through enough and God has let me learn that like in james 1:2-4 consider it pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds. because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance and perserverance must finish its work so that you may become mature and complete not lacking anything. that means we need to be able to rough up the old paint stick and our situation or whatever we go through can either make what we do and what happens to us they can either make us bitter or make us better but its up to us

also read 2nd chorinthians 6:3-13

Answer #2

I’m sorry to hear this but unfortunatley that’s just how school is. there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I’ve had a very rough time too, I hated my life so much! it didn’t help that I lived in a very very very ridiculously rich and snooty town too…everyone always picked on me and spread rumors (I’m satanic and I’m a witch , and I had a hit list. that I hexed a girl thats why she got sick) it was terrible, especially since my principal belived all that! most of my middle school years were spend in suspention, the principal even sent me to psychologists! he was such a nazi! just because I wore black clothes and had dyed my hair different colors I’m suddenly this evil person. it got so bad that I started cutting and drinking. I didn’t understand why I was treated like that. Slowly I said F** this! Who are those people to make me feel bad about myself!” I stopped caring, I started making more friends, I spoke my mind, was funny and smart, some teachers started liking me. it got easier…when I heard rumors I smiled and shook my head, when someone said something nasty to me I’d laugh, if someone stared me down I’d look right back at them. it still hurt but I never let it show. I walked with confidence down the halls…people respond to that. confidence. and they start to respect you. keep your head up kid, I know it feels really terrible now but you’ll be just fine :)

Answer #3

life is test! so many people they use to say why life is so hard…to find out the answer for this question…you must know life is test! and this is why you are being here.

Answer #4

I understand how you feel right now. It seems like the whole world is against you, right?

Sadly, this is a normal experience for most teens. There’s something about the combination of hormones and societal status changes that causes this very common teenage angst. But that’s why your generation owns the music!

You are experiencing life face first. It can be fantastic, and it can be dreadful. The highs can be amazingly high, and the lows can be unbearable.

Learn to embrace the experience itself - good or bad.

Answer #5

well find a hobby stop caring what people think about you just as long as you think make friends

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