How do I discover gods plan for my life?

I have been officially catholic since I was baptized in April of 09. I’ve decided to fallow gods plan for my life but I’m having a hard time finding out what it is. Also: I’ve been told that if I ask god to reveal himself to me and I worship him he will be in a presence and I’ll be able to feel him. But I’ve tried it before and I didn’t feel him. Did I do something wrong? How do I feel gods presence?

Answer #1

I can really see that you are seeking a connection with God. In order to Discover his plans for your life, you need to study his word. The Bible is the greatest possible tool. it might be helpful to find a new international version where it is easier to understand. I used to be just as confused as you are about my purpose. the bible told me about God’s character and his will for my lives. pray before reading the bible so that the holy spirit will direct your thoughts. you will also discover that his presence is not neccesarily about a feeling. it is by faith. the bible says it is impossible to please Him without faith. (Hebrews 11:6) As christians, we may not always “feel” Him. but his words promises that (Hebrews 13:5)…for He hath said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you.’ If you would like a suggestion on a book that can aid you in your search. let me know. I pray for God’d richest blessings on your search.

Answer #2

Read the Holy Bible and pray it will come to you with out you even knowing it, you well fall into it as long you know the difference between right and wrong, it well be a good thing,a light bearer.

Answer #3

Prayer and fasting works best. But you have to add another step. Sit quiet and listen. The holy spirit will direct you!

Answer #4

sometimes your not ready for what god has in store for you so you have to get preped type a thing go through life leasons that will help you fullfill your purpose god has for you and keep talking to him sometimes the best is unanwsered prayers just like that one song anyways as long as you follow your heart use your brain and cover your as* you should be fine and he will contact you in your own special way but smdvl misty is right you do need to find it within yourself and thats when he’ll contact and you go off path trust me he will show you signs just be open

Answer #5

the only way is to pray. sometimes he speaks to you right away, other times you must wait. but you cant go wrong if you just keep coming to him praying. and mayby theres sumthing in your life that you have to eliminate before he answers you. I dont know you but I used to smoke all of the time and when I quit the addiction and letting ciggarettes control my life, then GOD steped in and took control. but if you dont have anything hold you back, just keep praying.

Answer #6

You should try to discover plans for YOUR life, what do you want to do?

Answer #7

you have to keep seeking him.its all at his time.when the lord feels that you are ready.

Answer #8

As torikeene, bornagain, and tennent have said, Let God’s light shine through you by your love for others. Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, it doesn’t matter, just so you have a relationship with the Lord. He does not want any kind of religion, but a personal relationship! Be still and know He is God! Blessings.

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