lost in god

I’ve never been raised in a “religious” family, meaning I’ve had parents who do not demonstrate a relationship with god and we’ve never gone to church, I’m now 21 and realizing there is more to life than partying and hanging out, I want to find more in life and have a bigger purpose and enjoy my life without being lost or confused on “is this okay” I guess what I’m asking is what do I do? how can I find a church, go by myself, and live through god in my family that might not take to it so comfortably.

Answer #1

Yes, by all means you should discover what you believe in, but I’m attempting to discover the same thing myself right now, and the more I learn, the more confused I get, so don’t expect a little research to make you suddenly see clearly! lol I grew up the same way, with hardly any explanations or guidance on religion. My family could be considered non-practicing ‘Christians’ but I just could never swallow it.

Just because your parents don’t go to church or have a relationship with god, doesn’t mean they’d be upset by your choice to do so. It’s possible your family didn’t force their beliefs on you as a child for the simple fact that they do want you to make your own decisions.

Start your search here: http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Quizzes/BeliefOMatic.aspx to get an idea of what you fundamentally believe and do not believe and get a little background information on some religions. Then, I recommend talking to your parents. Ask them what religion they consider themselves to be, if any. Ask them what religions they find interesting or what religions they would like to know more about. Maybe you, as a family, can discover what you believe together.

Either way, you need to be fair to yourself and your peace of mind. Your parents and family don’t need to find comfort in your religion, you need to find comfort in your religion.

Best of luck on your spiritual journey…:)

Answer #2

try reading about different religions, iam catholic and some religions have things in common. any religion is good as long as you beleive in something

Answer #3

I would start out by getting yourself a bible to read for yourself. You could probably go to any church and see what it is like. Try different churches. As for what your family thinks, it is your decision, not theirs and it is you that want to live like that not them.

Answer #4

It is harder to find God, without faith being a part of family life, but, it is not impossible.

To find the real God, you need to start with the Bible, and I recommend the King James Version, then, compare any other verstion to it.

Then, seek God, and his truth, with all your heart.

This is if you truly want the truth.

If you don’t know the bible, how will you know what truth is?

We live in a world where there are multitudes of faiths, that all claim to be right.

You can find the truth, and you can live it, if you so choose.

God is on your side, and he will help you, but, you must seek him.

Answer #5

1st of all, Jesus is the truth and the life, If you ask Jesus to show himself, the holy spirit will lead you into all truth

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