What is the truth? did Moses see God?

Question for theists of Abrahamic religions. Well, God spoke directly to Moses: God said :”We sent the revelation to Nûh(Noah) and the prophets after him; We also sent the revelation to Ibrâhîm (Abraham), Ismâ’îl(Ishmael), Ishâq(Isaac), Ya’qûb(Jacob), and Al-Asbât(the offspring of the twelve sons of Ya’qûb(Jacob)), Isâ(Jesus), Ayyûb(Job), Yûnus(Jonah), Hârûn(Aaron), and Sulaimân(Solomon); And messengers We have montioned to you, and messengers We have not mentioned to you and to Mûsâ (Moses) Allah spoke directly) Quran(4, 163-164) My question is did Moses see God?

Answer #1

no he did not see god. he only talked directly to him with a lot of curtains between eachother x

Answer #2

whats written above is not true they didn’t have curtains. He didnt really saw thim because good is not physical(at least not on earth) he talked directry to god and the ten commandments are all true

Answer #3

We would not be able to look directly upon God the Father as the full force of His being would be like standing at ground zero during an atomic explosion but I believe He only unveiled just a little bit of Himself to communicate with Moses. BTW I think when He communicated with the old prophets as the “Angel of the Lord”, He sent Jesus in His pre-incarnation form to bridge the gap between man and God, the same function He does today.

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