Have we hit the jack-pot and God has nothing to do with it?

We have hit the jack-pot and God has nothing to do with it! You are the winner already… ( well, if you can not see that life itself is the magical, divine force, you must be blind for all the goodness of… your life. Please do not wait for your death to gain the trophy. this is it! Your good life: you won!! Think of all the sperms that swam and swam… and you won!)…

o, well, perhaps you should pray for me or look up some incredible section of the scriptures that nobody had heard about before to spoil the pleasure ( and joy of the fact we live our lives )…

Answer #1

I too am joyous and thankful that by the Grace of God I have life - without that favor upon me, I wouldn’t be here !

Answer #2

interesting thought

Answer #3

Uhm, so where’s the cash?

Answer #4

Weee… another pointless thread… wooo…

Answer #5

I still think that life is a mystery - with or without God.

Answer #6

“You have won the jackpot of life! To collect your winnings, just mail a $49.95 remittance fee to…”

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